Solo parenting for one day & early findings of CGM

Tony went to a solo trip for one day and left Sunday morning. Our helper asked to go home for the weekend so she left Saturday morning. So we had girls only Sunday and it went so well. First, we jogged with our friends, including Lizzy who did 2 min walk 2 min jog for 20 min in total. Then after our long shower and smoothie breakfast, the girls did homework. Then they had a zoom call with a friend who’s currently in China. They miss each other so much so there was a lot to catch up. Once they were done, we went out for lunch, probably the first time since the start of pandemic at Ding Tai Feng, Lizzy’s favorite restaurant. Girls had a blast eating out after so long. Not that they didn’t eat out while we traveled but it’s different to eat at their usual place after so long.

Afternoon was low key, I felt sleepy (glucose spike) so I took a nap while girls stayed in their rooms reading. Then I finished the 007 movie that started with hubby the day before while Sofia had piano theory lesson. After she finished our helper came back and took them to the pool. Excited for the next day, start of hybrid learning for both of them.

Now back to the exciting findings of using the Continuous Glucose Monitor.

Meals that did not increase blood sugar much:

  • Vegetables with chicken/shrimp/egg/fish – our usual lunch
  • Smoothie (spinach, coconut cream, protein powder, blueberries)
  • Nuts
  • Paleo type of baked goods (almond/coconut flour based)

Food that spiked a lot

  • watermelon – this one needs to be tested again. One day I had it as snack and didn’t spike, the next day I had it in an empty stomach and blood sugar went up a lot.
  • bread. I tried it twice with either fat alone (avocado) or with fat and protein (avocado and egg). both time it shoot up my blood sugar to the roof (from 95 to 148) and stay high for at least two hours.
  • cereal. I had one piece of weetabix with soy milk and went up by 33 pts. Surprising that whole wheat fiber rich cereal still affects so much blood sugar.
  • sweet potato. shoot up over 60 pts. Again, big surprise.

Other insights:

  • exercise increases blood sugar when its rather high intensity
  • walking decreases it
  • if I ate a low score meal (those that increases blood sugar) for dinner, blood sugar level stays high during my sleep.
  • now I know how it feels when my blood sugar goes up a lot, brain fog, sleepiness. When I feel light headed, it’s actually my blood sugar going down a lot.

Still a lot to test, this is so fun!!! 😀 The past two days I did a lot of experimentation which left me with a low metabolic score. Today I’ll try to eat blood sugar friendly meals and see if my guesses are right. Will report back.

2 thoughts on “Solo parenting for one day & early findings of CGM

  1. Sounds like a nice girls day! Lunch out sounds super fun, and good job to Lizzy on her running! That is so interesting about your glucose monitor. I mean, it all makes sense though- carbs definitely increase blood sugar! That’s a known fact. 🙂 It’s cool though to be more aware of the ups and downs and just HOW much certain things really do increase it. It’s interesting to pay attention to how you feel in different moments- that’s probably the most useful piece, I think. You can make adjustments going forward to optimize how you feel, based on what you eat!

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  2. This is so fascinating to me.
    I have just NOT been able to stick to a low-carb diet for any length of time, but I definitely think I get brain fog after consuming carbs and I bet my blood sugar is spiking. I LOVE roasted sweet potato, but they are definitely carb-heavy.

    I’ve gone back-and-forth with intermittent fasting, but have jumped back into it lately and that has helped with my mid-afternoon slump. I’ve been having kombucha for lunch to break my fast and then a bigger supper…but carb-heavy.

    Please keep updating us on this; it really is SO interesting to me. I love learning how our bodies react to different foods/exercise/sleep. It’s incredible what an impact it can have. Even watermelon, apparently.

    Also, the very first post I ever read from you discussed your daughter running 9 km by her 9th birthday? (I might be getting that wrong) and I told my daughter! We’ve gone through stints of her running with me and I love it…but it hasn’t “stuck” yet. This is inspirational 🙂 Go, Lizzy, and I’m so glad their hybrid school is going well!


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