New toy: continuous glucose monitor

I’m so excited to find out new insights about my health. Last year I got the oura ring and I love to learn about factors affecting my sleep quality. Recently I learned about CGM and was intrigued. After some research, i decided to give it a try. I got it because my latest blood test showed higher glucose level (102) than previous years (80s). I wonder if the COVID changed something in my metabolism or if it’s just part of the ageing process. Since my dad’s family has history of type 2 diabetes, I guess I’m more prone to it.

I signed up with Levels for 28 days. The devise is easy to apply and painless. Right after I started. My glucose was close to 100 and I haven’t eaten anything. 😦 oh well… i guess the blood test was accurate. The first day experience gave me the following insights:

  • my fasting glucose was around 100. borderline pre-diabetes.
  • my breakfast and lunch didn’t spike it much. For breakfast i had roasted pumpkin with peanut butter. Lunch I had vegetables and chicken.
  • my glucose level went down to 60s after 4 hrs from lunch.
  • my dinner increased my blood sugar for 38 ppts, egg + veggie dumplings, and stayed there until I went to sleep. I got a score of 4/10 of that meal.
  • glucose level fluctuated while I sleep and didn’t come down below 80 (surprising)

My plan is to do/eat what I normally would do and see what happen during the first week, and then test things/food in the following weeks. Here is a list of test I want to conduct

Food to try:

  • oatmeal (instant vs. rolled oats vs. oatbran)
  • fruits: watermelon, apple, banana, grapes, berries
  • bread (white vs. whole wheat)
  • rice (white and brown)
  • white potato
  • sweet potato
  • fish/ shrimp/ chicken/egg/beef
  • mug cake with coconut/almond flour
  • pumpkin
  • sweets (cookie, cake, ice cream)
  • smoothies
  • carb & protein & fat combo


  • sleep quality
  • eat closer to sleep
  • cardio vs. strength workout
  • eating pace
  • walk after meal


5 thoughts on “New toy: continuous glucose monitor

  1. So interesting! There is so much to consider here and it’s incredible how intricately different elements of our lifestyle (food, sleep, exercise) can impact our overall health.

    Hope you get some helpful information from this! I’ll be curious what patterns you notice and if it informs any changes moving forward!


  2. Super cool!! I feel like I definitely probably consume too many carbs and sugar… I am sure that having a monitor on would maybe be really eye opening! I’ll have to check that out. Maybe seeing the number go up would help influence my choices.


  3. Super curious too! My dad also had diabetes and died from complications so I am always quite curious how to completely avoid getting it. I got one of those monitors where you have to prick yourself to test so your seem next level convenience!


  4. Commenting again to say- can you share the link for what you got? I think I want to try this! My mom’s side of the family has a VERY strong history of Alzheimer’s disease/ dementia, and I have read some things lately that seem to indicate high blood sugar/ lots of peaks may be strongly tied to developing dementia. So I want to start thinking more about dietary changes that might help decrease my risk, because seriously it seems like almost everyone gets dementia on my mom’s side once they get older! Scary.


  5. hi Kae definitely try it if you can. the company is called Levels, google it. You probably need a special code to get access it as it’s in beta, but google and you will find some reviewers that have a code you can use.


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