Act of kindness

Lizzy is having an eczema flare up these days, exactly at the age when Sofia had her worst. It’s not fun and she has itchiness and scratches all over her little body. Yesterday I was trying a new solution on her and Sofia was by her side all the time while Lizzy was at the bathtub, and pouring the solution on her back. It was such a tender act to witness.

For two nights in a row, Lizzy would come to our room in the middle of the night quietly and leave. The first night she came to get the cream as she was having hard time getting back to sleep. Last night she just came to check if I was asleep. As she saw me asleep, she left quietly without asking for help. I am a light sleeper so I did wake up, but waited until she left to go to her room to apply more creams. It warms my heart knowing that she let me sleep.

My new sleep routine involves soaking my feet in hot water before sleep. Husband has been preparing the water in a wood tub every night without complain.

Sharing style. Whenever they are eating something yummy (new flavor of ice cream), Sofia and Lizzy have different sharing (or not sharing) style. I can tell that Sofia prefers not to share but shares if I ask, while Lizzy genuinely offers to share as if I like it, she enjoys the ice cream even more. That’s the magic of personality.

Funny quote. A work friend asked me where are you going this weekend? I said, nowhere but we’re going to Bohol next weekend. He said: people who are due to rotate usually travels like crazy, I hope it’s not the case. hahaha… he has seen all.

Gotta run, today Lizzy is visiting school for 4 hrs!!! So excited for her.

One thought on “Act of kindness

  1. Awwww poor Lizzy. That is so sweet that she let you sleep!! I highly doubt my kids would have done that at that age, hahaha… they would have been like MOM wake up!!! Lol… I hope her skin improves. That must be so hard.


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