I am grateful

Sofia announced to me that it was Thanksgiving day with excitement. I responded: it’s US holiday not in PH. hahaha…. yet, I want to reflect on things I am grateful to celebrate it without a turkey nor a big meal.

  • My girls. They are joy to my life. To see them grow to become an independent person is the biggest reward in life. They can be annoyed sometimes (actually often) but I get pre-nostalgia to think they will leave us one day, very soon.
  • My husband. We celebrated 7 years getting back together 2 days ago. I am very surprised that we are still deeply in love with each other, not just love each other. The feelings are as strong as 7 years ago. We support each other and we take care of each other in small gestures every day.
  • Our condo. It’s really a lovely place to live, the pool is a playground for the girls to meet their friends everyday. Staff working in the building always kindly salute us.
  • Beaches in the Philippines. I will miss them so much when we leave.
  • My mom. I love seeing her enjoying life alone with her friends. She is source of comfort for the girls even remotely.
  • My nail polish color. Its between silver and white, translucent. I feel festival wearing it.

The last few days I’ve scored over 80 in metabolic health using the CGM. I am getting a good handle of it. The combo of fat+protein is the best, paired with whatever non starch vegetables. I can’t believe that I can function well and no craving while in relatively low carb diet. For sweets, I made paleo bread using either pumpkin or banana, paired with eggs, almond butter, and coconut/almond flour. The texture is dense and very filling. When I have it, I’ll add more peanut/almond butter, and it doesn’t move my blood sugar level. AMAZING.

Also, I feel my energy level is stable, I don’t get hungry before meals as I used to. I guess protein and fat is really more satisfying than carbs. Will experiment few more things next week. 😀

Finally, I’m happy to report that I’m fully recovered from COVID. I’m back into running and feel very strong! 😀

Heading into airport….. Bohol is waiting us.

2 thoughts on “I am grateful

  1. So glad you’re feeling better in the fallout from COVID.

    I think the same is true for me with fat + protein. I find carbs so easy (and delicious) – an apple, carrot sticks, sweet potato, even the healthy ones are likely a spike to blood sugar for me.

    I’ve loved bread/cookies made with coconut flour, too.


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