Birthday celebration part 1

December 10 is hubby’s 40th birthday and we started the celebration the day before. I booked a restaurant that he wanted to try for a long time and we all dressed up for the occasion. Sofia was in mandarin lesson so Lizzy and I went ahead first.

The restaurant is in a hotel and we loved all the christmas decors

It has been a while we went to a chinese restaurant so everything sound good and we ordered a lot.

Seafood dumpling that look so fancy.

Vegetables dumpling that pairs well with the chili sauce

veggie and mushroom stew

chicken with truffle oil

fujian fried rice with seafood. First time I try fried rice in this form

friend soft crab with chili

beef and veggie stew

noodle is a must and the birthday boy finished the bowl

dessert was swan shaped taro puff

We all got very stuffed with this meal. What a great way to celebrate such a milestone with chinese food in Manila.

Celebration to be continued….

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