2021 reflections

While everybody celebrated the new year Eve, the entire family fell asleep before 8pm. hahaha… I guess that’s what all the travel did to us. I got up early and want to reflect 2021.

Memorable things in 2021:

– i got COVID and experienced “long COVID” for 2.5 months. Learned and experienced mind body connection.

– last minute “escape” to the US after feeling overwhelmed by the pandemic.

– a trip to el nido with my favorite peoples in the Philippines

– the day the girls returned to school

Things I learned:

– live in the moment. Never in my life I feel like life carries its own course and I’m just riding along. The pandemic made planning impossible and i was forced to give up. Yet I learned to live day by day and extremely grateful for small progress.

– I can live without running. For over a decade I was identified as runner. This year I was forced to take a break from it. First because I twisted my ankle then it was COVID. I thought I wouldn’t survive without it as it served as therapy for so many years. Yet I survived and fell in love with gentle exercises like Pilates. I continued to exercise in a daily basis, got the mental benefits, and my body got more tone. It was a lesson about balanced approach to exercising and being flexible in all aspects of life.

– I learned to love my husband in a new way. Won’t go too much in details but I feel like I got a new appreciation of being in love.

– I was reminded to live by my values, and not to be distracted by noises around me even though they came from people who cares about me. Nobody knows better what I need than myself. This applied to my job search case this year and I’m sure I will revisit it again and again when making tough decisions.

What I let go this year:

– wanting to control what’s happening and what others are doing. Pandemic forced me to let it go and feels liberating. I even let go of trying to control myself.

What am I thankful for this year?

Being together as a family. Our good health and the fortune, to be able to travel and enjoy our last year in manila despite the pandemic.

21 things I am grateful in 2021:

  • small gestures of love from husband
  • new friendships: Leia’s family (our favorite travel and exercise buddy) and Yiyi’s family (they are just so kind a fun to hang out)
  • girls’ teachers
  • our beach trips
  • sunsets at the beach
  • chatty walks with Lizzy
  • morning hugs with the girls
  • the feeling after meditation
  • my mentor who guides me along the transition
  • my mom who’s thriving life alone in shanghai
  • our helper who’s not the smartest but definitely the kindest
  • virtual connection with my team. it will be hard to find it elsewhere so I’m super grateful to have found them
  • quiet morning for meditation/reflection
  • our new member of the family Cookie that brings so much joy to Sofia
  • seeing the girls to grow and mature this year
  • Sofia’s questions that made me pause
  • running with Sofia
  • reading good books (will recap my favorites)
  • meeting kind people during trips. Kindness is hard to describe but easy to feel when we encounter it.
  • learning about new topics. Keeps me excited and let me grow mentally.
  • finding the joy to blog. It creates space for reflection.

2 thoughts on “2021 reflections

  1. Congratulations on a great year. I know it wasn’t perfect, but you really made the best of it. I admire you so much as a hard working, caring mom who is so reflective, introspective, and thoughtful about everything. It’s so fun getting a peek into your brain through your blog and I love following along with your family’s adventures. I like your calm, level approach to life and it’s an inspiration to me. I look forward to your new posts showing up in my email inbox most days! Happy New Year!


    1. thank you Kae for your kindness. I feel like we are better “friends” than many friends in real life because we are quite honest what’s going on in our lives and minds in our blogs. 🙂 the pandemic brought me back to blog more often than before, and I’m glad I did. Looking forward to 2022 with more learning, growth, reflections and fun.


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