Packed weekend

What a wonderful busy weekend, so packed that I barely had time to blog or read blog, which is a good thing.

We started Saturday with girls waking up in their friends’ and going to soccer right away. I had a rather slow start of the morning while hubby went to pick them up. Once they got back, Lizzy had Kumon while Sofia practiced piano. Then we went to a golf lesson. I am proud to say both Sofia and I are progressing well. She hit 130 yards!!! And I consistently hit straight, which has not been the case for the longest. After golf, we dropped Lizzy to mandarin lesson place, face to face finally. I took Sofia for some shopping. Got her a new helmet for cycling and a visit to Uniqlo. Then we picked up Lizzy and went to Zara and found some good deals. They are growing fast so new skirts for the girls.

One thing that we all agree on is that we won’t buy nor go to malls unless we need the items. No window shopping, not shopping for the sake of shopping. Just buy necessities. We didn’t have a formal talk but it was when Sofia asked me what I want to buy. I said, nothing because I stopped growing a long time ago, so I won’t get new clothes unless the current ones are broken. She agreed and understood the message quickly.

We got home near dinner time, quick dumplings, and girls had their first screen night (60 min) of 2022. January was no screen/movie month for them so they got super excited this time around. Meanwhile, I dived into my novel and went to bed early as I had to wake up early for Sunday.

Sunday I woke up with an alarm for 4:20am because I had a trail run planned with our running friend. It took us about an hour to get there, so packed with hikers and cyclists. The original 12km run turned into a hike because it was a super steep ascend, killing my lower back. At a certain point, I was lost but the fellow runners were super kind to guide me to the top, where I met with my team. The downhill was even harder on my quads so I went super slow and realized how unfit I was for this kind of trail. hahahha….. a bit less than 2 hrs and we were done for the day. I got home just before 11am. The girls went for soccer with daddy. Once they got home, we went to a Spanish restaurant near our condo. The girls were super excited

We ordered a few tapas: Camarones al ajillo was my favorite. We also had Jamon Iberico with tomato bread and a croquette of Spanish sausage.

For main, we ordered a smoked salmon salad with avocado that was too sweet the dressing, the seafood spaghetti that the girls shared, a squid paella that was delicious

I had one scoop and hubby happily finished the rest

It was a great meal overall. After that, we had some rest. Sofia had a piano theory lesson, and then we went out for indoor climbing with Sofia’s friend. Got time past 6pm, a quick dinner and I finished my novel while the girls enjoyed their 60 min Netflix.

I was super sore for the rest of the day, but happy to be out in nature. Recharged for the week to come.

2 thoughts on “Packed weekend

  1. Whew that’s a lot! Sounds like a lot of really fun stuff though. It’s always great to spend a lot of time outdoors. Jealous of your warm weather!! I got out for a walk yesterday at least with asher which was nice. Spanish restaurant looked yummy!! We ate jamón ibérico a bunch when we were in Spain a few years ago.


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