Ups and downs


  • kids are allowed to go to the malls/restaurants! YAY! On day 1 of the new rule, we walked to high street after dinner and girls had ice cream. It comes with two funny stories. First, hubby and I saw this new place a while ago and the sign says: authentic milk ice cream. Hubby said we need to take the girls to try this, it’s milk ice cream. I laughed so loud to his face and hold him. All ice cream (except clearly stated non-diary ice cream) are based on milk. obviously he had no clue how ice cream is made. The second story is that when we went with the girls, I didn’t take any cash with me as I didn’t plan for ice cream but our usual after-dinner walk. When I was about to pay with my gcash (electronic payment) I realized that I needed my local phone to verify the account which I didn’t bring. Then I asked husband, do you have balance in gcash, he said no. can you load some balance? He: no because I don’t have data on my phone. At the point, the ice cream came together with the bill. Lizzy had no clue what was happening and why she couldn’t start eating her ice cream. Sofia looked worried. I was embarrassed. Fortunately the waiter shared her hotspot and hubby was able to transfer some cash to pay.
  • I walked Sofia to school on Friday. I absolutely enjoyed it, fresh air, sunshine, and opportunity to spend time alone with her. I hope she enjoyed it as much as willing to do it more often.
  • We had a great dinner at our friends’ place last night and the girls are actually having a sleepover at them. Our house is soooo quiet this morning. It’s almost 7am and it’s quiet. I gave weekend off to our helper and hubby is still sleeping. Probably first time ever that the house is quiet at 7am. I don’t need to rush to prepare breakfast, I don’t need to rush to do anything now 🙂
  • Lizzy’s f2f mandarin class will start tomorrow. It has been planned in late December only to be interrupted by omicron. Finally it’s happening and I’m super excited for her. While she has her class, I plan to take Sofia for a quick shopping trip nearby. She needs a new helmet and maybe some sport shorts. She’s growing so fast.
  • Lizzy’s BFF finally agreed to try soccer tomorrow. finger crossed she decides to start for good.


  • Friday was busier than I wanted/expected. After walking Sofia to school and run back, I started my meeting 8am and didn’t finish until 11:45am and got my first bite of food by 12pm.
  • I had a chat with my manager and I felt that he didn’t read carefully what I sent him and provided “advise” on how to do things in the way that I was planning to do anyway. Duh….

Overall, great last few days. Happy to start the weekend.

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