Quiet return to school

Both girls are back to hybrid learning this Wednesday. Omicron peaked in Manila by end of January so we moved to a lower restriction level where international schools can resume hybrid learning. I am so happy they get to go back to school for few more months.

We are introducing some changes. As Lizzy joined the learning pod, she’ll go to schools on days that Sofia stays home so she can continue the pod when it’s distance learning for them. In the mornings, one of kid’s mom will drive them to school, and after school one of the mom (including myself) will pick them up and walk them back. I am a bit nervous about it because it’s 30-40 min walk for the little persons, and 2:30pm is rather hot in Manila. But the other kids have been doing in Nov/Dec, and they enjoyed the walk. It would be good experience for them.

Another change is every other Friday we will host the pod with 4 kids. Mmmm…. I plan to go to office on those days as I don’t do well with chaos. 🙂

I want to end this quick post with the mantra of today’s morning meditation

Resting your heart on what it is true

Resting your mind on what it is true

Resting your entire being on what it is true, this life.

One thought on “Quiet return to school

  1. I hear you. I don’t do well with chaos either and I would really not enjoy hosting a learning pod. I’m not super great with large amounts of children. Even birthday parties and such tend to make me feel overwhelmed. I do them because the kids love them, but it’s definitely not my favorite thing.


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