Catching up

This week is flying by. Not sure why I didn’t find time to blog. Actually this is something I am trying to figure out. I like daily blog but my mornings are impossible now that I prefer 20 min meditation. Once I start working, it is hard to pause my mind for slow reflection, and I just get too tired after sunset. Mmmmm…. still figuring out. Fellow bloggers, when do you blog? do you have a set time?

I did few things this week:

  • I got a session at Chiropractic doctor, after 3 years of not needing one. I also got a new set of x-rays to make sure we are not flying blank. The reason for the visit is that I notice I get numb hands after sleeping on my right side, so I wonder if it’s a nerve that is causing the problem. Fortunately it’s not, it’s just I probably sleep on my shoulder, causing the numbness. My spine is getting a bit more S shape as I prefer to lean left while sitting. He’ll do few sessions to correct that and I need to remember to sit straight. Sigh….
  • I am aiming to take a random pic every day of something that amuses me. The following one it is from yesterday. Lizzy loves to sleep with many friends 🙂 I wonder how can she feel comfortable having so little space for her instead.
  • I had a stressful work situation with a colleague. I was consciously feeling I was losing it. Instead of cancelling my golf lesson as I was totally not in the mood, I went anyway and felt million times better and returned to the situation with more calm and reason.
  • I had two of my favorite team members over for a work lunch. It’s so nice to catch up with them and have the space for honest chat. I told them we should do this weekly on the days they come to office. We are counted weeks left to get together.
  • Still no news on the next assignment. Sigh….. it’s march already!!!
  • Updates from school: swimming team practice is resuming in 1 week! YAY! Masks won’t be required for PE anymore. YAY!!!

2 thoughts on “Catching up

  1. The week flew by for me, too, but just wasn’t a great one, so I’m okay with it. lol.

    For blogging…I’m like you. I do it first thing in the morning, basically. Well, within the first hour of waking. I have a really hard time getting into it if I do it later. I also like the consistency of writing at that time. Also like you though, I find that sometimes blogging gets in the way of OTHER things I want to do in that window of time. I don’t have unlimited time then, obviously, so it becomes either write OR read OR walk OR exercise…but not all. Especially if I am trying to prioritize sleep and not get up too too early. Lately I’ve only really been having an hour or so before I need to get the kids up and off to school, so by the time I make tea, check email, putter with my planner/ calendar, do my journal page and then write a quick blog post, I’m out of time. But I do also enjoy early morning walks, or sometimes it would be nice to get my workout in early if I have a busy day, or just take a shower etc instead if I have an appointment later or something. It’s not that I feel “obligated” to post at this time- I do really enjoy it- but sometimes I do also feel like by writing then, I “can’t” do other things. Basically I wish I just had a larger window of time, but getting up at 4:30 like I used to isn’t the best for me. Makes me too tired and isn’t worth it because I never get to bed that early at night. I supposed I could experiment with writing a post on a work break during the day, but I don’t know…I usually have whatever topic/ thought in my mind first thing and I feel like I want to get it out early in the morning while it’s fresh in my mind. So if I miss that window, I usually just don’t write until the next day.


  2. What an adorable picture!
    It’s wonderful how a little break (especially if it’s physical – like your golf game) really helps to reset our perspective.

    I blog…at any time. I tend to write in 20-minute chunks here and there throughout the day. But I have a lot of posts drafted, so I think that can require a different approach – it’s easier to pick away at a post like this because I’m not writing to post it after I finish. I always have my posts scheduled ahead of time and almost never (2-3 times total) start, finish, and post a blog post in one sitting.


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