February favorites and goal tracking

Read: I read 6 books this month, 3 fiction, 1 memoir, 2 non-fiction. The fictions are intense, especially My Dark Vanessa. I don’t remember who recommended and why I got it so I started without knowing what it is about. Then few chapters in, I was so engaged that I’d keep thinking about the characters state of mind, their internal conflict, and how this story would end. It read like a true story to me and it caused intense feeling on me. To me, it’s an excellent book, especially fiction, to make me feel something, good or bad. I even dreamed about them once. That summer is a similar theme and my takeaway is really connecting with my daughters. Those events mark one’s life if not addressed early on. The Push is a sad book and I was hoping the plot turns around to have a happy ending but it never did, yet I’d give it 3*. Uncanny Valley was okay, not spectacular as the others but it was my first encounter with the start-up world. I also read Don’t Overthink it and The Obstacle is the Way on kindle. I finished DO in one sitting, was reminded few things that I need to get to (making decisions once for regular tasks), and plan to respond to a few chapters questions. I read all three of Anne’s books and enjoyed them all. The Obstacle is the Way is a good reminder that no matter the circumstances, it is my choice to what to do with it, to make the best out of the situation and that every situation is an opportunity to grow.

Listen: podcast episodes on lab test, role of social media on our brain from Cal, session 1 of lifespan. I also enjoy soothing piano music when I need a break from podcast.

Play: although we cut our beach trip short, i was glad to see girls having playdates with their friends during the break, every day 🙂 They’ve grown so much over the pandemic and I am glad they keep each other company all this time.

I tracked few things and here are the high/low/in progress.


Medication: 27/28, the only day I didn’t was when we went to the short trip so I didn’t have quiet morning time.

Gym sessions: I hit 2 times/week goal. Usually 30-45 min each time. They always leave me sore/tired the next day, despite feeling very strong during the sessions.

Sugar consumption: 4/28. Not fully eliminated, but close.


Consumption of packaged food: 7/28. I think I should aim to less than 5 next month.

In progress:

Finish dinner before 6pm: 11/28. I sleep better if I have at least 2 hrs before sleep, thus this goal. Still working on starting dinner earlier.

2 thoughts on “February favorites and goal tracking

  1. You did great! You read so much too. I’m impressed with the consistency of meditation (what time of day do you do it? First thing when you wake up? Or after exercise?) and also your dietary habits are always so good… ugh I am nowhere near that clean of an eater!! Haha.

    I’ve been reading your posts in my email but hadn’t responded while I was away this past weekend… I saw that you cut your beach trip short. It sounded like a good call! I would not have liked that set up either, all crowded like that… yuck. Why waste your time if you weren’t going to enjoy it? Not like you haven’t been to other better beaches this past year! 🙂


    1. I meditate between 5:30-6am, before everybody wakes up, only time I can focus/enjoy. Ideally I want to meditate again mid-day to settle back to the calmness.


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