I was a fun mom

My girls would never call me a fun mom as I am usually strict, task oriented, and structured. Well….. something happened yesterday and I became the fun, creative, spontaneous mom. 🙂 Maybe it was because I started the day with 5 miles in, made French toast for the family, hit the gym for 45 min, and had this beautiful concoction for breakfast. The combo of endorphin (run), power (gym), and nourishment shot my mood to the roof.

A friend’s mom asked if Sofia could play with her at the pool. I said yes (although Sofia hasn’t played piano yet).

Then I asked the friend to come over for lunch and made it at a picnic mat. Sofia even made menu for the occasion.

Sofia then went to golf lesson while Lizzy went to mandarin class. What did I do? I organized a climbing party for us. We were 5 kids and 3 adults that climb for 2.5 hrs. For most of them it was a first time and they had an absolute blast.

Sofia was the pro among kids. She’s such so strong, resilient, brave, and persistent. While attempting a hard course at the end, she couldn’t go up much more and took a break hanging there. When the belayer asked her if she wants to come down, she said NO decisively. She didn’t go up but I told her how proud I am because she didn’t give up easily.

Lizzy meanwhile had a playdate at home. When we finished, everyone was going back home for dinner. I asked Sofia if we should ask Lizzy to join us for burger. It was close to bed time but I thought the “surprise” would make them happy and it delivered.

We got home just before 9pm, everybody happily exhausted. 😀

It was a wonderful day all around! I should do it more often and maybe one day, they’d say I am a fun mom too.

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