Witnessing progress

I didn’t sleep well give the late night out, no surprise but woke up with good mood again. I took Sofia and her friend Leia for Sunday run and couldn’t even finish 6 miles (bad sleep, gym session is a killing combo) but that is fine. Once showered, I made breakfast for hubby who just finished an hour killing gym session as well. Rainbow avocado toast!

Sourdough, cream cheese, avocado, cherry tomato and poached egg, with TJ bagel seasoning.

Lizzy was intrigued as hubby ate it as he seemed to really enjoyed it.

I went to their soccer practice, first time of the year because Lizzy kept asking me to go to get the phone number of a follow team mate that she wants to play with. I’d rather rest at home but went anyway. I was glad I went because I was SHOCKED to see how much Sofia has improved. From passive, following instructions, shy girl, to become the most proactive player. She can keep the ball in her foot for a while before shooting. She’s definitively playing offense. Big progress on her skills and attitude toward the game. Meanwhile I also saw progress on Lizzy, not so much on soccer but social skills. I texted hubby that went to do groceries, that Lizzy comes to soccer to socialize hahahaha…. because she uses every opportunity to chat with her friends, even when her favorite teammate is with another team, she’d just chat with the girl next to her. This is a big change from the beginning. First, she hesitated to even join soccer, quit the first time as she knew no one, and each time she’d just chat with people she knows. Now, she chat and wants to befriend with anybody šŸ˜†

After soccer, Lizzy went to a birthday party.Sofia was efficient finishing her homework so she can have a playdate with her friends after piano lesson. After lizzy came back from the party, her BFF (who hasn’t played with her for a while) came back with her. She loves the girl and look how she happy to be her alone for a while. They had some snacks, tested my newly baked orange vegan cake, and went swimming and play with another friend in the building.

To combat my soreness, I booked a home massage (first time since the pandemic) with a new company. The lady came on time (3pm on the dot which was a good sign). First impression was not so good as she’s rather old. But after 2.5 hrs of massage on me (full body, foot reflexology, face and head massage) I was impressed by her. She has strong hands and I love it. Hubby had the same impression and was happy with the service, especially not having to go out. šŸ˜€

Sofia and Lizzy both came back from their play 6pm, after quick lunch, they had 60 min of Netflix.

Life is definitely back to normal. šŸ™‚

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