Weekend food & trade-off talk

This weekend felt a bit less hectic than the previous ones. Only 1 birthday party for Lizzy and the two soccer sessions. They now got into a new outdoor soccer field, with natural grass, much better and real than the indoor venue. Lizzy had her session Saturday morning while Sofia had a game in the afternoon. The parents watching the game were all so enthusiastic. hahah…. I’m not there yet.

Sunday: Sofia wasn’t feeling well upon getting up so I asked her to rest while I went out for a run. When I got back Lizzy insisted to go rollerblading so I went with her. During our walk to the park, I asked her what is she willing to give up so we can keep both helpers. First she didn’t understand why she needs to give up anything. To her, we have infinite resources to do whatever. So I had to explain to her that resources are limited, so when we decide to do/pay for one thing, we need to give up something else. After explaining that, I asked her what she was willing to give up so we can pay the extra helper. What I realized is that she doesn’t spend $$ for toys much, so that’s a no go. Then we explored snacks? not that she needs much, but she denied it. I was like? Seriously Lizzy, you are willing to give up snacks to keep Jesica? Okay, I try to be not judgmental but guiding her to find what she wants to do. Next we explored birthday party since her birthday is 2 weeks away. To my surprised, she agreed to give up having a party at home to keep Jesica. That hit two birds for me. First she understands the concept of trade off, second I don’t need to organize a party (I honestly don’t feel like making the house a mess with crazy kids running around for few hours and receive useless gifts).

For food, we had dutch oven chicken with vegetables and assorted sides for lunch on Saturday.

this dutch oven recipe is so easy to make and the entire family likes it.

Sunday I made a Chinese pancake while the girls were at soccer. It turned out okay

salad for the adults and a corn soup for the girls too

I’ll be quite busy this week so I made two baking goodies for their breakfast and snack. A banana bread (as they just finished the loaf and asked for more, this recipe is fantastic), and a lemon yogurt cake to use up the lemons. They had a piece of the lemon cake as dessert.

I could probably delegate the baking to Jesica too, but I really enjoy the process of baking so I guess I’ll keep the “privilege” to me 🙂

One thought on “Weekend food & trade-off talk

  1. Your food is always so interesting! Many of your meals are SO different from we eat. But I’m confused- I was thinking you were vegan or vegetarian? Do you eat the chicken too? And mmmm the lemon cake looks delicious. I could go for a piece right now….just had lunch, need some dessert. hahaha.


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