Acts of kindness

Now that we don’t have helper that lives with us, we have a hard deadline to get home. Twice this week hubby and I got stuck at traffic and couldn’t get home before 7pm. Two family friends were kind to host the girls until we got back.

Leia, one of Sofia’s good friend, has not been sleeping well. I invited her for a sleepover on Friday. Maybe chatting with her friends will make her more open to discuss why she hasn’t been sleeping well? Well, they all started playing at 5am 😯

We started Saturday with 30 min run with Lizzy jogging/walking. Then they enjoyed a slow chatty breakfast.

Our last helper (Sarah) is coming back. We are struggling to decide who to keep. We really like our current one (Jesica) who worked with us before the pandemic. However, not having a live-in does cause inconveniences. Sarah does so-so job but she’s such a kind person and endured with us the two years of the pandemic. She just lost her dad so not sure I want her to lose her job too. Jesica has been unemployed for 2 years during the pandemic. She has 3 kids. Her husband works at night shift as security guard so she can’t stay with us, and badly needs a job. Both hubby and I feel bad to have to let any of them to go. We are thinking to keep them both. When we shift the focus on who we keep (we honestly don’t need two helpers at the moment) to help them out, we got our peace of mind. We asked the girls who they prefer, they also can’t decide and want to keep them both. That would be our thinking at the moment, practice kindness instead of efficiency. Decision to be made in two weeks when we come back from a short trip.

I spent 2.5 hrs chatting with my mentor who just learned about the news (the colleague friend diagnosed with cancer). He’s in shock. We felt better, more supported, after our chat.

School break is one week away. We were not planning to go anywhere. But then I saw a place with waterpark in Cebu and thought the girls would enjoy it. Within the hour, flight and hotel booked. I was happy to make the last school break memorable for the girls.

Hubby has been family’s official driver since October last year. Now that life is back to pre-pandemic, he has been busy driving the girls to school, picking them up at different times, taking them to classes and sports on weekends. I try to minimize asking him to drive me unless necessary. He has not complained despite being almost full time driver. I could take it as these are his duties, or I can take them as act of kindness.

Happy weekend. 🙂

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