Inspired by

Where do you get inspiration from? For work ethics, I get inspired by a friend I met here. We had dinner near his office. When I arrived his office past 6pm, the office was full of people. They are all 20s or 30s, who have followed him around for years, some for decades. They are loyal, hard working, and inspiring. What kind of a leader one has to be to have followers like that? As far as I can tell, their leader is hard working, generous, kind, caring, and really wants to do good for the people in this country, even willing to sacrifice his health and family in the process.

The occasion was a farewell for someone we both deeply care about who’s leaving for studying in Melbourne. It was a bittersweet because we want him to pursue his studies so he has more opportunities in the future. Yet, he has never left the country, and studying something challenging. I will soon leave Manila, I don’t know when we will get together again. We are being called “his professional/career parents”. As caring parents, we told him to study hard but not too hard, and that we are here to support him in any way he needs.

As I sit alone on the car back home past 9pm, sadness hit me strong, not just seeing R leaving, but leaving my friends and Manila soon.

One of the souvenirs I am taking is this commissioned piece of painting. can you guess what I want to remember?

after I showed Sofia the final painting, she did one while I was out for dinner. She was inspired.

I was never exposure to art when I grew up so I never tried. Maybe I should give the chance for my girls by exposing them more into art? Mmmm…. a museum visit should be in the agenda soon. 🙂

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