5 for Wednesday?

1. I am in a one salad a day rut, and loving it. I’m making husband to follow too. So far no complain. I either add additional toppings on his like leftover chicken or add a toast or sweet potato to keep him full for longer

2. School break is one week away and we have no travel plan and I am totally fine, surprisingly. The girls seem okay too and already planning for play dates. I guess it’s a combination of wanting to enjoy the last few months of this place we call home for the last 5 years, and that I’ve all the places we wanted to visit, some more than once.

3. Colleagues start to tell me they’ll miss me. I will miss them a lot too. Wherever I go next, it will be a big adjustment for me given the trusting relationships I have now, which makes everything easier.

4. Upon further reflecting about Sofia’s essay. I am happy that none of her aspirations involve material life. 😉

5. I’ve decided to delegate tax filing to someone. It will cost $$ but the mental space released from it make it worth it.

4 thoughts on “5 for Wednesday?

  1. I have been eating a salad DAILY lately and loving it.
    I cycle through doing this; I’ll have salad almost every day for months and then take a year off (haha!), but right now I have just been loving it! I make them filling, but they’re so delicious and leave me feeling satisfied without any mid-afternoon slump because of excess carb or sugar intake.


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