March Favorites & April goals

Read: only two books and abandoned two. The highlight of reading is “Never Let me Go“. I actually started last year but couldn’t get into the plot and abandoned it. I picked it again and was patient with myself to read just few pages a day. Once I got intrigued, I read more and finished it with a big AWW in my mind. It is really good writing, plot, creative, and the underline message is beautiful and sad. I can’t really tell the plot without giving it away, so if you want a good story that let you wonder the morality of the topic, grab it now. Definitely 5/5 for me. “Such a fun age” was a quick and easy read too. 2/5. The one that I really tried to get through it is “The Overstory”. It was recommended by Tim Ferriss and many other big thinkers. Yet, more than 1/3 into it, I still can’t feel connected to it so I abandoned it. Maybe the timing is not right for me. “The Sea Wife” is a kindle read. Again I couldn’t related to the story and abandon it 100 pages in. I think giving any book 100 pages try is long enough to decide to go on or let it go.

Listen: the psychology of money (Tim Ferriss podcast)

Play: I was happy to organize a spontaneous picnic at home for the girls. They had way more birthday parties this month than all the 2 years old the pandemic.

Habit tracking progress:

Meditation: 30/31. YAY!

Gym session: average 2-3 times a week except one week that I was really tired.

Early dinner: fail. I really want to finish before 6pm, ideally 5:30pm as I am going to bed earlier, usually 8 or 8:30pm. But consistently we don’t start dinner until 6pm. Work in progress.

April goals:

  • Practice more kindness
  • Notice more kindness
  • Early dinner
  • Take one pic a day (when I get busy I forget to take “highlight” of our day, especially those moments that make me smile).
  • Morning reading (I feel rushed into work these days and my attention is span is short. I’d like to start my day with 20 min reading to calm my mind).

Let me leave you with pic of the day from Monday evening: Lizzy becoming a massage therapist for daddy

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