Hectic work and stressful people

It has been a hectic week at work as my manager is visiting the Philippines. On top of arranging his meetings, going to the meetings with him, regular work continued, so it has been stressful. Yesterday I spent 12 hrs at work, 7am to 7pm and came back EXHAUSTED. Fortunately I had two girls who are always ready to spend time with mom and catch up about our day. They requested facial mask while we chatted. They are my source of winding down 🙂

What has been draining my energy is also the amount of interaction I had with him, which I realize it’s not positive. In contrast to my mentor, with whom I feel inspired after chatting, to do more and do better. With this boss, after our chat, I feel demotivated and smaller. It’s amazing the negative influence he can have on staff (other team members felt the same). I am glad that I don’t have to interact with him in a daily basis as he’s not based in Manila. It also makes me appreciate my mentor even more.

I gave a talk to a group of old economists last night. Their average age was probably 70s, at least 5 ex-ministers were in the virtual room. I was the only lady (other than the moderator) and the youngest of all. It felt surreal that they would even listen to me, and discuss this country’s future. I felt privileged and inspired. I shared my experience with Sofia. I am not sure the world they live would be more gender balanced than my generation. I hope she feels empowered to aim high and do good for the world.

A la Kae, health front. Sleeping well, doing gentler exercise this week to minimize additional stress to my body, still doing one salad a day (although this week was mostly at lunch time dining out). Today hubby and I will have our annual check-up. A bit nervous, especially after knowing friends and colleagues getting sick. It’s also the first check-up after I started eating animal protein, and post covid. I’m curious to see how my stats are after these two events.

One thought on “Hectic work and stressful people

  1. Ugh, sorry you’re having work stress too! At least we’re not alone! haha. Hope your check up went ok- I’m sure it will! You seem extremely healthy. That’s cool that you got the chance to talk to those older economists. I definitely find it interesting to talk to older people- they just have a different perspective after more life experience! Good for you for taking it easy- I know you sometimes push yourself/ have such high standards, but when you’re stressed and busy, it’s probably best to just do light exercise anyway. Easier on your body.


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