Happily surprised resort

We arrived Cebu Jpark Island resort yesterday and I am so happy to report that we are happily surprised how nice the place is. First, our travel experience. First time traveling since the pandemic that we didn’t have to present any doc (no PCR, no antigen, no vaccine card, no travel pass). It was busier than previous trips, more or less back to pre-pandemic experience. The only remaining sign of pandemic is the cosmetic mask.

Flight arrived on time, picked up by the hotel van and got early check-in. Look our junior suite. Sooooo nice. I love to have an extra room when traveling with the kids. It’s not always possible but this time we made and it’s so big, including a kitchenette and extra toilet in the living room.

We have a typhoon ongoing so it rained the whole day but we were not bothered at all.

girls unpacked their belongings while the adults took a rest

the resort has an indoor play area called Pororo Park. I think this place was popular for koreans before the pandemic. They spent two hours playing while hubby and I watched a movie in the room

while Sofia had a piano zoom lesson, Lizzy and I explored the water park.

then the girls came to play. Sofia loved the rides, the crazier the more fun. She’s such a brave girl. Not afraid of anything, no hesitation, just jump right to the fun.

then they floated at the oasis river for a while

after a warm bath we went out for dinner at a japanese restaurant. The cold water play worked up girls’ appetite.

two rolls of sushi and a udon noodles with tempura.

Sushi was their favorite

we all slept before 8pm, even daddy went to bed 8:30pm. I didn’t wake up the whole night, not once even for bathroom, and slept until 5:10am. Glorious vacation sleep! 😀

So glad we came, decided last minute, especially that the resort is so nice. Comfortable room, many activities for the kids, good food, and kind staff. 😀

2 thoughts on “Happily surprised resort

  1. Oh, I LOVE having a suite when we travel!!! Or staying in an apartment/ AirBnB type place. It’s sooooo nice to have multiple or separate rooms for the kids vs adults. Sounds like a very relaxing time! Normally rain is a bummer, but if you’re mostly just trying to relax and unwind, with no big expectations for a “perfect, big special trip of the year”, it can be okay. ENJOY!!


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