Spontaneous city tour

My BFF would be so surprised about 41 years old me as i transformed from the needing to know our plan before hand, well structured planner, to totally spontaneous traveler that I am now. She used to tell me she and her husband would just book a flight to a place and first night stay and go from there. I thought that would be crazy. 20 years later, I’m becoming last minute traveler too. Not to her extreme but wouldn’t be surprised that I might be that way one day.

As I mentioned earlier, we didn’t plan for this trip and was decided last minute. Yesterday we woke up without a plan since it was still 90% chance of raining the whole day. The family all woke up pretty early, 6am, and went out for breakfast at 7am. I did some pilates in the room and caught up with them 90 min later. Daddy and Lizzy went back to the room while Sofia read making me company. the first day at breakfast is always interesting as to preview all the breakfast we will have during our stay. I had low expectations and was again happily surprised they had plenty of vegetables at the buffet. I started with vegetables pho soup, miso soup with seaweed, a salad and roasted pumpkin and sweet potatoes. Second round I had eggs, and more sweet potato. Happily stuffed.

the rain was not strong so we went to the water play area. I even did one round of oasis floating. The girls spent almost an hour doing the water obstacle course, so much fun! by the end of the hour, both of them crossed it without trouble.

as we went back to the room, hubby suggested we do a mini city tour. Excellent idea. It was my third time in Cebu and never went to explore the historical sites. we rented a van and left 1:30pm.

First stop the magellan shrine and Lapu-Lapu statue

we even got some blue sky in the middle of the typhoon Agatan

second stop: fort san pedro with McDonal’s ice cream

Basilica minore del santo ninio

last stop: Yap Sandiego ancestral house which belongs to a chinese family

Final stop is a morphed art monument to remember several historical events of Cebu history

We got back to the hotel by dinner time. We went back to the Japanese restaurant and had pretty much the same things.

Asleep by 8pm again! 🙂

I sleep so much better while on vacation even though we all sleep in the same room. Go figure! 🙂

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