Hiding from the rain

On day 3, we stayed at the hotel as it was raining almost constantly. After a slow breakfast, girls went to Pororo Park until 12pm while adults did nothing. hahah… that’s part of vacation that i started to appreciate, have free time without a plan, and finally feeling that time has stopped for a while. Then the girls rested some at the room while I went to explore the gym. I was unimpressed so left 30 min later. I took the girls to the game room for some bowling time

then we explored the hotel and found that miss universe had an event at the hotel few years ago. It was fun looking at the ladies.

found our pretty Argentinian participant

we got to the beach area before sunset and not raining, found this cute statue

and the sand castle

Sofia had kumon 5:15pm so I took Lizzy back to the water park for a while. Freezing cold and we got back for a warm and long shower. We ordered room service as we all felt lazy to get out again.

Girls had their 30 min netflix time before we did some kindle reading. 8pm, light out.

I am “researching” a new type of people called Lean Mass Hyper responder. It’s fascinating and i might be borderline one of them. I got a preview of my annual check up and my metabolic health did change since I intentionally aimed to keep blood sugar low and stable. I’ll report back when I get the full report. Just a preview, no surprise that my Hb1ac lowered, fatsing bs lowered, and my lipid profile changed substantially. Stay tune! ๐Ÿ™‚

2 more night at this mini paradise, hope we get one no rain day.

5 thoughts on “Hiding from the rain

  1. We’re watching a competition on sand sculptures and it is SO cool. I have to try to get the kids to a competition this summer as they have been LOVING it.


  2. Your rainy vacation seems very relaxing, though! Hope you get a little sun though too. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Will be interested to hear more about what you learn about the diet thing. Was one reason you started eating some more animal protein again an effort to consume less carbs/more protein and fat? Or something else?


  3. How many vacation days do you have? (No need to answer, just really impressed/envious you can take so much time off to go to all these nice places, haha.) It seems you had a decent day given the circumstances. This is the big plus for large resorts, still enough to do even if you have bad weather.


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