Weekend and feeling privileged

We had a normal weekend, busy, fun, relaxing, sweet, and mundane. This article summarizes well how mundanes things are what matters and fill up our days. In fact, many of these small tidbits of our daily life is making me realized how privilege we are.


I made French toast for the girls and they loved it. I should definitely make it more often.

After they went to soccer, I made myself a savory breakfast. I am used to sweet breakfast (oatmeal) for ages, but that day I wanted something savory so I gave it a try. Low carb toast with cream cheese, leftover green beans, and friend egg. I enjoyed it a lot, surprisingly.

Hubby and I went to SR (local Costco) as girls’ favorite milk run out. Yet, I bought everything but the milk (they run out as well). We saw live crabs for the first time since the pandemic so we got two. I cooked it with some rice cakes, paired with many veggie dishes (fridge clean out before big groceries trip). I felt privileged to just buy rather expensive food without having to even think! Sofia told me this is her favorite seafood.

Sofia had friends over to play at the pool, so they went to the pool from 2:30pm to 6pm and had a blast! Another privilege to have a resort type pool that kids LOVE!!! Meanwhile, I did “research” about a new type of workout. More to that later. The funny thing was I shared what I learned as I went along with hubby, something that I never thought I’d do (man doesn’t care about these things). But the fact that I was willing to share and he genuinely discussed it with me, I felt privileged to have a hubby that feels like my female BFF. 😀

then I got somewhat hungry and made a protein ice cream, I used ice cubes, almond milk, protein powder, cocoa powder, and 1 small banana. IT was really good, great substitute for ice cream.

After girls came back, they had dinner before starting their Netflix time. I made popcorn for them with lots of butter. I meanwhile enjoyed 60 min of quiet reading time.


I got up 4:20am, my new schedule lately due to early sunrise. I left home 5:20am for my long run. I did a big 10km loop alone and then met with Sofia and friends for another 7km. It was a TOUGH run. I’m not sure if it’s because of the heat/humidity, or my lack of carb fuel the night before, I felt my tank was empty. I also didn’t bring any gel for my run, as I’m used to run fasted. When I finished, I could barely stand. Sofia and friends did hill runs, very tough ones, as we signed up for a trail race in 3 week. Quite a last minute decision suggested by our running friends. I did this race 3 years ago and it was painful. That time I did the 32km, so I decided not to do it again this year. I’ll do 16km, Sofia will do 8km with her friends, Lizzy and daddy will do 3km. I’m looking forward to it, especially the cold weather in Baguio.

I had a cold water bath with epson salt and put on my compression socks hoping they help me to recover. While I was in pain and agony, I still felt privileged to be able to do it, and to be privileged to spend the rest of the day RESTING.

daddy was at the gym and I prepared breakfast for both of us. Leftover veggies, Ezekiel bread with cream cheese, and fried eggs. Savory breakfast is growing on me.

Sofia had golf lesson at 10:30am, after we dropped her off with our helper and Lizzy, hubby and I went to do groceries. What a privilege to have helper to watch the kids while we can run errands alone. As we finished and on the way to pick them, hubby complained about his neck pain as he did a wrong movement while training. I called to a massage place nearby and got us a slot. I told him what a privilege to be able to get a massage whenever we want. When we were living in the US, I may get a massage once a month max as it was so expensive and I felt bad spending so much for myself. Here in the Philippines it’s so affordable and I feel good helping those ladies.

Lizzy went to a playdate in our building while Sofia had piano theory lesson. Hubby and I went to our massage, felt so good! We both did foot and shoulder massage so we could chat at the same time. Massage date is our favorite date! 😆

Girls went to soccer despite the rain. I watched 1/3 of Our father, quite disturbing, and then called my mom.

Girls had their 1 hr Netflix time with popcorn again to finish our mundane weekend.

As I write this post, I realize that we spent our weekend mainly doing sport/exercising. Ironically I feel rested mentally when my body is exhausted. 😀 Ready to tackle a busy week ahead.

One thought on “Weekend and feeling privileged

  1. Yes, I know what you mean!! When I woke up this morning, my whole body felt tired, even though I actually didn’t do any really strenuous exercise. But it was a busy weekend, with LOTS of time outside, working in the yard, planting flowers, hauling stuff around the yard, hitting volleyballs outside with the boys, etc. A lot of activity, plus just busy going places with the boys- so I told my husband, my whole body is just kind of sore feeling this morning!!


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