Productive Monday

I had a productive but not rushed Monday. I went to office 9am and came back 5:30pm with all my to-do lists I wrote down the night before taken care of. I didn’t go to lunch at home mainly because it’s so hot these days to walk outside even if it’s just 3 blocks so I asked Jesica to bring my lunch to the office (what a privilege).

Two highlight of the day:

  1. Good. Lizzy told me a boy likes her. She has been talking about this boy for weeks and always asked me to talk to his dad to set up a play date. I asked her why he likes you and that you are his first BFF, she said because she laughs when he laughs. Cute. Yesterday she said that two of his friends told her friend that he likes/loves Lizzy because he thinks she’s cute. The face she had when she told me was so adorable, a mix between pride, happiness, and surprise. And then I asked Sofia if there’s any boy she likes or likes her in her class. She said no. I asked why and she said because they are all so dumb. hahaha…. I love chatting with my girls about boys.
  2. I have to travel for work for almost 1 week. We have a unit retreat in Siem Reap. In other times I’d be excited but post-pandemic I’m not so excited to travel alone and leave my family for so long. I tried to find excuse not to go but my manager responded negatively. I was pissed last night with his response for a while. Then I said to myself: better change perspective and see the positive side of this trip. I will miss my family definitely but it will also make me and them to appreciate even more when I am home. I’ll meet my new team to build relationships for my next job. It would be good to be alone for a week. So after listing all the “positive” side of this trip, I am happy that I am forced to go.

I love seeing this commissioned painting everyday. the color changes with the light and reminds me wonderful sunsets I’ve seen in the Philippines.

2 thoughts on “Productive Monday

  1. I’m sure your work trip will go just fine! You’ve been with the family non-stop during all the pandemic, so it will be okay to be away for a little bit. 🙂 You might find it’s actually nice to have a little time away, to think about and do something other/different “adult” things besides your usual routine with the kids, home, etc. It seems reasonable that your manager would expect you to go as well, if the whole team is going… I’m glad you’re trying to look on the positive side of it!


  2. Ooohhh I want to go to Siem Reap! Lol. I understand it’s a big change after the pandemic. A week does feel long but it is only 1 out of 52… and nowadays you can just video call with them every single day.


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