Child-led conferences

It was a busy day all around. I had meetings fro 9-11am that went over time. All the bosses were in the meeting but I had to tell them I NEED TO LEAVE ASAP, please let’s reschedule another meeting to continue. Nobody question and we stopped. I LOVE HOW MY JOB values/respect people family duties. I rushed to school to attend child-led conference of Lizzy first. Usually we meet with teachers to discuss kids progress but this year it’s child led. They planned ahead of time what to show parents during those 30 min. Lizzy had a check list of 9 tasks to do with me. We went over them and it was lovely to see how comfortable she is in her class, doing activities, reading me, writing stories, and playing games. I realized how much she has grown since we came to Manila when she was just a toddler.

I love how she is drawing portraits…. here’s me and her together.

then we found Sofia at the library to proceed to her conference. What I love about Sofia’s conference is the stories she wrote and read to me. They reflect what matter to her, what experiences are memorable… cats, waterpark, first day at the school.

Then I rushed back to office to continue the work. I was out for about 1.5 hrs, and nobody noticed. I LOVE the flexibility of my job.

Sarah just wrote about what matter to her, I can totally relate. To me I value/care/live for:

  • my kids
  • my relationship with husband
  • my relationship with my mom
  • a job that let me use my skills, fulfill my potential, and has positive impact to the world and people around me
  • meaningful relationships with friends/colleagues
  • my body healthy and strong enough for me to perform all the above and feel confident
  • experiences to open my eyes and form memories with my family
  • time to attend my hobbies which is selfceare too: reading, running, golfing

One thought on “Child-led conferences

  1. We have had the child led conferences too. It’s a nice idea and I like it overall. However, sometimes I like the more traditional conference where the child is NOT present… sometimes I want to ask the teacher things or discuss things that I might prefer to not have my child hear, if I have any concern or want to share something potentially viewed “negatively”, if that makes sense. I feel like we have to be careful what we say in front of the kids, especially about weakness, as I don’t want them to get ideas in their heads like they “aren’t good at something” etc.


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