Wednesday morning “routine” & my “new” approach toward work

My morning routine/schedule has shifted a bit lately because it’s really hot/humid in Manila these days. If I want to have an enjoyable run, I need to do it before 6am. But Wednesday/Friday are runs with the girls, and we start at 6:15am.

5am: I got up, later than usual

5-6am: have my mate, read/write blogs, if I have time I meditate for 10 min.

6am: get the girls up if they haven’t already. Lizzy was deep in her sleep but didn’t complain when I woke her up for our run

6:15am: meet with their running mates at the lobby and head out for a job. I did 20 min with Lizzy, 3 min jog, 1 min walk, while Sofia run with her mates.

6:40am: I prepared quickly their breakfast and packed their lunch, then did 30 min of workout.

7:30am: shower and put on presentable cloth.

7:40am: head out to my breakfast meeting.

It was a rather rushed morning, ideally I like to have time until 8:30am.

My new approach to work. I was chatting with a friend in the US telling her my next job in Indonesia, and that I didn’t get the promotion. She was happy for my move and said Indonesia is a high profile job, I’ll get a lot of visibility which will help me with the promotion. All these are true. Yet, I told myself: that’s not my motivation to work. I care less about being visible within my organization than doing work that has real impact, help at least a small group of people. I know that is not the goal/mantra for many of my colleagues, but I feel at peace and more motivated to work this way.

5 thoughts on “Wednesday morning “routine” & my “new” approach toward work

  1. 10 mins for shower and getting dressed? It takes me 30-40 mins to just feel ready so 10 mins sounds amazing! Did you show up to the breakfast meeting with wet hair? Also I used to hate the whole “you need to be visible” thing, I don’t like to draw attention to myself but I learned that it’s a way to make positive change in a big organization. If no one knows you or you have no credibility, you have less power to make a positive impact.


    1. This is a great point. My old work laptop didn’t have a functioning camera, so I got used to always having my camera off. Now I got a new laptop but I’m still bad about turning my camera on…

      I also can’t believe 10 minutes! I’m like you @reallifeinutopia- at least 30-40 minutes. 5-10 minutes in the shower, then I feel like it takes me another 5 minutes just to get out and dry off and put some lotion on etc after I shower!! Not to mention face lotion/sunscreen routine, some makeup, getting dressed, clean up bathroom/hang towel/clean up other clothes… and usually I dry my hair at least a little, put some product in.


      1. Glad I’m not the only one! I think indeed part of that time is tidying up. I could probably do it all in 20 mins but it would be a big mess to tidy up later in the day.


  2. yes I go to office with wet hair, sometimes gets dry in few minutes given the heat.
    I understand the rational of being visible in an organization to reach to a position of influence/impact. I never liked the idea and personally never felt comfortable to practice it. I focused on good work, solid relationship building, over time I built my credibility and became probably one of the most visible person in the office. It took years but I got there. It could probably be faster if I was more intentional about it, maybe not. I think it’s a balance between being one self and achieving the ultimate goal.


  3. Wow! That is a fast routine. If I don’t wash my hair I can do it in about 20 minutes (I like a long shower!), but with wet hair it’s really at LEAST 30 minutes.
    And as always, I’m in awe at the great attitudes the girls have toward early-morning runs. I think this is such a great family routine.


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