5 on Friday

I decided to rest on Friday as I had a dinner meeting.

  1. Four runs in a row left me tired. Ideally I like to run by myself on Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday. On Wednesday and Friday, I jog with Lizzy which is not run. But as Lizzy got sick, I run with Sofia. It’s great that she’s running consistently now and never argue, but my legs were pretty sore.
  2. My dry eyes symptoms is slowly improving YAY! The acupuncture and Chinese herb seems helping. I still need to apply drops often but I don’t feel dryness pain as often as before. This leaves me super happy! I realized how much of my work and daily tasks involves screens, so having dry eyes and sensitive to light prevents me doing my work/life properly.
  3. I have been hungrier than usual the last two days, which seems to occur every month mid-cycle. I really enjoyed my early lunch yesterday. Cauliflower rice stir fry with crispy tofu, definitely will have more of it next week. When I like something, I want to eat it everyday until I am sick of it. hahaha….

4. I splurged on Alo Yoga, triggered by their annual sale. I love lulu lemons but it seems that Alo takes it to the next level? I’m intrigued to try them. Buying workout clothes is something that I don’t feel guilty about despite being expensive because I use them everyday!!!

5. Dinner with “friends” went so well. They are technically people I know from work, one of them my boss, but after working closely 5 years together, we’ve built trust and like each other a lot. In my life stage, it is hard to have friends who are not work related because outside of work, I dedicate 100% to my family and myself, so when am I suppose to meet “new friends”? Not that I feel needing it, it’s just a realization that realistically I can only have friends from work. Key elements of friendship are frequent interaction, shared interest, and mutual admiration/respect/likeness. The negative part of it is when we move on, when frequent interaction stops, our friendship is expected to die down gradually too. It’s a bit sad to think about it but that seems to be natural course.

5 thoughts on “5 on Friday

  1. “When I like something, I want to eat it everyday until I am sick of it.”
    This is SO me. I love to eat the same things over and over again. And some items I just never seem to get tired of. I make these oatmeal recipes and eat them – sometimes multiple times – every single day. And I’ve been making them for years. I’ve had 100s of these muffins (which sounds like a lot, but they are basically the only “treat” I make and they’re just oats and fruit and eggs and a handful of dates and I really have been making them for years)…and still love them.
    I’m currently on an omelet kick and have been enjoying an omelet for lunch most days. So good!


  2. Almost all of my friends are current or former colleagues. We’ve even followed each other to new jobs over the past 5 years. But some of us, myself included, went out separate ways. Happy hours, group texts, and invitations to parties helps keep the connection.


  3. Glad to hear your dry eyes are getting better! Modern medicine is a miracle, but traditional medicine is really underappreciated. Do let us know what you think of the Alo Yoga clothes! How do you get then shipped to the Phils? I’m totally the same with you on work friends. After a certain age and after having kids, there isn’t a lot of time to build new friendships outside work. Most of my newer friends are all from work too.


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