Sick child & gut instincts

mid-week report.

Lizzy got sick on Tuesday. She was all fine in the morning but then 10am school clinic called and she had 39.8C fever. I was so scared. Daddy picked her up and she spent the rest of afternoon on the coach watching TV. She also vomited once at home. Fortunately the anti-fever started working an hour later and her temperature came down to 38.6C, still pretty high. We had a virtual consult and started antibiotics right away. I don’t know what she had but fortunately 2 days later she’s fully herself. We just got doctor clearance to go back to school tomorrow. At that moment, I thought the advise I read somewhere about not abusing antibiotics. It’s easy to say it when everybody is fine, but the moment kids get sick, we just need to cover all the basis AT THAT MOMENT.

I had three instances of trusting my gut recently.

  • I got a new pair of glasses with an “updated” prescription. I used the latest prescription for my new glasses. then I tried it and it feels weird. The prescription didn’t differ dramatically from 2 years earlier but I do feel more comfortable with my old prescription. So I went back to the store and asked them to do another exam to check if the new prescription is correct. Well… it is not. I still have the same prescription of two years ago. So I had it redone and happily wear the new pair with old prescription. If I didn’t go back for another check, I’d wearing wrong prescription and feeling uncomfortable.
  • I found a Chinese medicine place in our neighborhood. I went there first time last Saturday. The lady was nice and all but I left feeling not having good assessment, or comprehensive assessment and proper treatment. I went back today with the chief doctor, a Chinese doctor, and the process was much more aligned to what I had expected. He did acupuncture and gave me some herbal drink. I’ll give it a month to see if it helps with my dry eyes.
  • I’ve been very into a task lately, dropping everything else that is not related to it. I had doubt about my approach because it might piss someone. But my gut tells me that this is a life time opportunity to do this task with my mentor. It might not lead to promotion but it will form my future thinking. So instead of doubting everytime I need to make a choice, I’ve decided to devote to it and absorb everything I can throughout the process. I might never do it again.

One more day to go and weekend! 😀

3 thoughts on “Sick child & gut instincts

  1. Glad she’s feeling better! It’s never fun when kids get sick, but it’s just a normal part of life, unfortunately.

    I got new glasses a year or so ago now, and it took me a while to get used to them, too! I so rarely wear my actual glasses- I wear mostly just my contacts. I ended up needing to get them adjusted (the frame, not the prescription), but I kept going back and forth being unsure if something was wrong or not….I didn’t know if maybe I just wasn’t used to the glasses in general, since I don’t wear glasses often? Or if something needed to be adjusted. I finally did go back and they feel better now too. 🙂


  2. Indeed glad she’s feeling better! Lizzy’s symptoms sound like my kids when they got Covid. They both threw up and had a short fever. Then again, it could be anything. Yes to trusting your gut!


  3. I wear glasses daily and am so glad you went back! There is nothing worse than glasses that don’t work properly (especially if you wear them regularly).
    Sorry to hear Lizzy was sick, but glad she’s on the mend so quickly!


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