Best Mother’s Day ever

I don’t really what we did on Mother’s Day all the years before yesterday. I am not the kind to celebrate any day in big way so it has always been low key. Well.. I am happy to say that I had a WONDERFUL day yesterday, probably better than a solo day. πŸ˜€

This year I asked the girls to give me an experience gift, 10k run with Sofia and 2k run with Lizzy. Both are beyond their comfort zone. Sofia has not run beyond 5/6 km since last September, and Lizzy has been running 3 min at the time before stopping for 1 min walk. So I wasn’t sure what we could accomplish.

Sofia, her running mates and me left our building 5:45am and we did a big loop for 10km. Sofia kept up the pace no problem while her friend Leia “suffered” and run much slower, which means I had more to run to pick her up. Overall, all the kids did great! I was so happy to start the day that way.

then I got Lizzy from home and went out for 2km run. We did 1km then stopped for 2 min before another 1km. Lizzy “suffered” and endured. In the second half, she clearly was not enjoying it. I asked her: why are you running bebe? because you want to give a special gift to mama right? She nodded and kept running.

she was exhausted but she told me she likes running now! πŸ˜€

The morning was spent homework, relaxing for me while daddy went out to hunt for a gift. I reminded him that I want a “gift”, more like a gesture than a real gift. Then we met at the restaurant for lunch. We were hungry from the run and the menu (Vietnamese and Thai food) looks so good.

Girls loved the food and declared it one of their favorite restaurant

I am so grateful of these two girls to make my day so special. I love being their mom. It’s not always easy, requires a lot of patience, but I wouldn’t change anything in the world for this experience.

I am also grateful for hubby to make this day so special and supporting me to be the mom I am. Many days I feel I am doing a terrible job but his action (no words) actually assures me that I am a good mom despite my flaws.

he surprised me with a real GIFT, a new wallet!!! I didn’t expect this and I absolutely love it. My current wallet must be over 5 years? lost count so this came really timely.

We rested in the afternoon. Girls went to soccer and I booked a home massage, my treat to myself. Before dinner I called my mom to greet her and check how she is. Lockdown continues in Shanghai, sigh….

After dinner girls and I went down to our lobby with live music, flower, juice, and cookies. A great way to end our day.

Motherhood is the most challenging, rewarding, mind opening experience ever. I feel I need to keep learning to become a better mom, whatever better means. At the same time, I am learning to acknowledge my limitations, and stop forcing myself to be the mom I wish I could be. Isn’t that also self growth?

2 thoughts on “Best Mother’s Day ever

  1. I love these photos!!! They are so great. Especially love the pics from the restaurant- just adorable. So glad you had a wonderful day- you deserve it! You seem like an amazing mom!!


  2. Love the wallet!
    And also – 10 km. Tell her I’m proud of her running; I did 5 km yesterday and that was enough for me. Honestly, her running is part of what is motivating me to try to get back to longer distances πŸ™‚
    Happy Mother’s Day.


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