Weekend: play, food, reading

When we visited Jakarta and met with another two families, one of them who just moved asked the host what about social life? It made me pause and realized that we don’t have a social life as per their question. When we lived in the US, we’d meet with friends often on weekends, either we host at our place or their houses. Since moving to Manila, we are more a nuclear family that doesn’t socialize much with other families. Not that we don’t like to spend time with friends, we do socialize with few from time to time, but more because we don’t NEED to socialize for the sake of spending time with others. We are happy to just spend our weekends as a family. I guess it’s because we don’t feel like investing in new friendships as we will leave in few years, we haven’t found many that we really clicked for long term friendship, and because weekends are packed with kids activities already.

Saturday started with soccer for the girls. Hubby and I did errands, stocking up the fridge with fresh vegetables and fruits. Then Sofia had golf lesson while I organized lunch full of color.

Husband had gym training after lunch, I read, talked to my BFF in Germany who’s complaining about how expensive is the gas price, and furious about German government not wanting to reactive nuclear power plant. We laughed so much because that’s coming from someone super environmental conscious. But when the price of energy goes to the roof and affects you personally all those climate change talk becomes not urgent. Then hubby and I went to massage while girls had a friend over.

I followed my Saturday evening routine to prepare for the long run (13 miles) on Sunday: early dinner, more carb than usual, early bedtime.

I had a good sleep but my Sunday run felt hard. Maybe it’s the heat and humidity, maybe I didn’t fuel enough before the run… I was very glad it was over. It was one of those runs that makes me wonder how am I suppose to finish a marathon if I can barely do half of it. Sigh…..

I took the rest of the morning just relaxing… finished this book which I enjoyed very much and looked for new reading material to learn about the country we are moving to.

Hubby took Lizzy for a playdate and then took me to watch Sofia’s soccer game. I am not a dedicated mom to be there for her in all practices, but I try to watch her whenever there’s an important game.

Lizzy had pizza at her friends’

my random assembled lunch: fried rice, tempeh taco meat, kimchi dumplings. YUM. When appetite is not present, spicy food is always good.

I took a cat nap after lunch while Sofia had her piano theory zoom class. After that she took a long nap, the 3 hours soccer really tired her. Lizzy came back after soccer and we had leftovers for dinner.

We all went to bed early but Lizzy woke me up 9:30pm saying she’s not feeling well. She was hot, AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grrrrrr………. how is it possible she gets sick once a month? I need to seriously find a way to boost her immune system. I gave her anti-fever and she slept besides me. I woke up 4am and she was hot again, I woke her up and gave her another dose before going back to sleep.

can I say I’m tired of taking care of sick kid? sigh…..

One thought on “Weekend: play, food, reading

  1. I have very little desire to do a lot of social things with other families. It is nice, certainly, now and then, but I never feel the urge to have other families or friends over all the time, or go to other people’s houses every weekend or even out for dinner together. I am not sure if it’s because we just haven’t really found people we truly connect with in that way… I think I am mostly pretty happy spending our time mostly alone- or with my parents. We also see my husband’s sister quite often. That feels like enough for me usually! Having friends over tends to stress me out, trying to figure out what to make for food, preparing the house, etc. Just seems kind of a lot of work and then I find it tiring sometimes to have to talk and chit chat so much, especially if I don’t know them THAT well… again, it can be super fun sometimes too, but I just don’t like it too often.


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