we avoided antibiotics this time

I am happy to report that after 24 hrs of bouts of high fever and Tylenol, Lizzy is doing better and we managed to avoid another round of antibiotics. It’s the 3rd month in a row that she gets sick with high fever. Pediatricians still don’t do physical consultation so usually they suggest tele consult. Because they can’t do much to “diagnose”, they tend to just go for the antibiotics without knowing if it’s viral or bacterial infection. I am aware of the long term effect of over use of antibiotics so this time I insisted that we find out before we give it to her. We had to do blood test which is not pleasant for her, but at least we know that it’s viral infection. Also, her fever came down to mid-38s yesterday (day 2 since onset) and only went to above 39C once during the day which came down quickly after paracetamol. She’s acting normal, eating and playing normally, just complains about the stuff nose. Last night we did well too, didn’t have to give her meds in the middle of the night as the two nights before. Hopefully she continues to improve today.

After 3 nights of interrupted sleep, I feel sleepy and tired, but I’ll recover from it once Lizzy is fully recovered. The mother instinct comes out quickly when you have a sick kid. Even though she’s sleeping soundly besides me, I kept waking up to check on her temperature.

Obviously her immune system needs some work. So I plan to give her 1/3 dose of AG1 for a month to see if helps. So far, AG1 is working for me. Short term benefits include better digestion (even more than using just seeds), and haven’t got sick yet. Finger crossed it continues this way.

Other updates:

  • we got the house we wanted!!! I am so excited!!! We will start deciding what to give away/sell so we do it slowly in the next two months.
  • our office is going back to tier 0, which means mandatory 2-4 days in the office will start in August 1. It would be great to see more colleagues in the office but I also think the current flexibility works well over the school break. Girls like me to be at home as they feel more supported and I’ve been doing so whenever I can.
  • Sofia’s best friends family is back. She has been playing with her everyday since. The funny thing is her dad and I don’t need to communicate via text to organize playdates anymore. They just walk to each others’ place to check on the other if they are free to play. It’s spontaneous and less hassle for the parents. It reminds me of my childhood. We used to just walk to our friends house to play. No planning needed.
  • I’m getting a coach for my marathon training. As the training progresses, harder workouts are scheduled. I am getting a bit nervous of whether I’ll get through it so I want to have someone to talk to, consult with, and assured by in the next two months before the race. I’ve never had coach before so I wonder how I’ll like it. I am doing it through runnersconnect, and will have a first call with my coach soon. Exciting!

2 thoughts on “we avoided antibiotics this time

  1. Congrats on the house!! I’m so happy for you!! That must be such a relief.

    Glad Lizzy is doing ok and getting better. It sounds like maybe the Philippines are a bit like Mexico in regards to antibiotics… people there tend to WAY overuse antibiotics!! They also sell almost all antibiotics over the counter there, no prescription necessary. Any time anyone is sick at all, my mother-in-law will pull out an assortment of antibiotics! (Not as much anymore- we have explained to her how this is not a good practice, antibiotic resistance is real, etc and she has (kind of) backed off on that). But in general, it’s super common there for people to want to take antibiotics for regular coughs/colds that are just your average cold virus and really just need a little time to pass on their own! Do they even test Lizzy for COVID when she has these viral symptoms? Or were they just giving our antibiotics with no tests at all?


  2. I didn’t test her for covid… and the pediatrician didn’t ask me either. this time the duration of fever was shorter. hopefully we are over it.


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