Earthquake, running coach, kittens

We had a big earthquake on Friday (7.1). It happened 8:52am. I first noticed it when I heard the sound of the building going back and forth, the mechanical sound of its parts. Then the girls said earthquake (like announcing dinner time) and without pause asked me how to do this math question. Husband was cool and calm as well. It was only me freaking out as the sound continued for at least 5 minutes. I checked on our building chat group and confirming it’s happening. When it finally ended, we went down to the park area for the building technicians to check any damage. 45 min later, we got back home.

The girls had daily playdates as one of their friends came back to Manila. As her parents unpacked over 100 boxes, she played with the girls everyday. So much fun

I got a running coach from runners connect. We had our first call on Thursday. I wasn’t sure what I should be expecting from a coach and went open minded. He is exactly how I imagine a running coach would be. He’s a 2:28 marathon runner, 100km trail winner, super chill and relax. I discussed my running goals short to medium term, and my concerns. He gave me tips about Berlin race (ideally arriving a week before the race so I can get used to the weather, get good sleep, and get rid of jet lag), what he’d do my plan (18 milers hello!), and how we will work together. For this weekend’s long run, he increased from original 13 miles to 14, and told me to take 3 gels and see how I feel. I’m not used to so much fuel because I find after running over 90 min, I only want water and the idea of sugary gel gives me nausea, so I never got to use so much fuel for less than 3 hrs run. He suggested me to try different brands now during the training cycle to see what I like. He recommended spring energy and maurten (the brand that the fastest marathon runner uses). I got lucky to get maurten in Manila and had it arrived just on time for my long run. He also told me to take easy runs REALLY easy. Don’t even bother looking at the watch, just run as slow as I could that is truly easy. So here’s my 14 miles fueling plan:

  • pre-run: 1/2 ucan bar. love the peanut butter flavor.
  • 1 maurten at mile 4
  • 1 maurten at mile 8
  • 1 can edge gel at mile 11
  • water and electrolyte drink all throughout

I must say it worked wonderfully. I felt strong almost the entire run, only some fatigue by mile 11 and 13. The maurten gel is FANATSTIC!!! It’s so different than the other gels I’ve tried. It has the consistency of jello, very mildly sweet, gets down easily (no water needed), and zero aftertaste. It gave me sustained energy. On the other hand, the ucan edge gel was not that tasty. It has a hint of orange but the taste was not good and I didn’t feel it gave me the kick.

Overall, I had 1.3 liter of water and electrolyte drink. I run through a track of 1km back and forth so I could access liquid and fuel easily.

My pace was just within the target range 10:10-11 min/mile, and my HR averaged 133! So truly easy. The best of all? I could carry on my day as usual, no fatigue nor exhaustion as I experienced the previous weeks. MAGIC right?

I think two other factors helped, it was a cool morning as we had storm yesterday and mostly shaded. Also, I am on day 2 of my period (TMI) which means my core temperature went down substantially, really making me feel stronger and fresher.

I can’t wait to do some workouts prescribed by my coach. He said I should only think about pace for the workouts, and do easy runs easy. If the coach says so, I’ll happily follow. πŸ˜€

and I found two kittens on my way today. They are even smaller than Cookie when we got her, probably just 3-4 weeks old. They were soooooo cute. I called the girls to come to check on them. I had the strong urge to take them home, which wouldn’t be logical as we are leaving soon and we have Cookie already. But I realized I’ve became the cat lady, and that I am not sure we can leave Cookie behind. I love her more than I realize. Oh….. life surprises.

Rest of Sunday would involve monthly planning, plan for the week ahead, girls will have a play date, and then soccer in the afternoon. I’ve scheduled a massage to unwind the week. πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Earthquake, running coach, kittens

  1. Oh my gosh, you were all so calm with an earthquake!! hahah! We don’t get those in Wisconsin… I would be freaking out!

    The running coach sounds great. I’d love that, if I were training for marathon. I think having that extra layer of accountability will be so awesome. You’re going to have such great results!! Excited to see how it all goes for you. And Berlin- well, that’s just amazing in and of itself. πŸ™‚


  2. When I was growing up, we had a massive earthquake which ruined a lot of buildings, so I actually thought the one this week was a small one! Perspective, haha. I am glad nothing too terrible happened. That coach sounds great! It’s great when you can get an expert to help you up your game.


  3. I have never experienced an earthquake! It would be the craziest sensation! I am glad everyone is ok. I am impressed your girls were so chill about it!

    The running coach sounds great. Figuring out fuel is tricky. I found that I could not do fruit-flavored gels. They upset my stomach. For my last marathon in 2015, I ate chia-seed based gels and had much better luck with them. They didn’t taste so sugary sweet! But it’s great that you were able to get the brand the coach recommended.


  4. Wow! An earthquake sounds very scary – glad everyone is okay and that the girls take it all in stride.

    A running coach sounds like a GREAT investment for me, and I’m so glad you saw positive results so quickly!!


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