Ideas I am contemplating

First, let me share my dream this morning. so freaking weird. I was dreaming going to my meeting where I need to get the antigen test, only to arrive at the place and realized that I didn’t have it because when I was in the office, the assistant didn’t call me to take it. Then suddenly in the dream, I realized that the meeting is happening today at 2pm, that I am still sleeping and haven’t actually gone to the office. What a relief. I kept thinking that it’s the effect of the waking up course, that is teaching/rewiring my mind to realize that I am the thinker, to observe myself doing certain things, to detach from myself.

Second, I am pondering the idea of not having a full time helper when we move to Jakarta. I know the convenience of having one because I could delegate so much. Yet, because I can delegate so much including childcare such as taking girls to soccer, I don’t often go to see them playing. yesterday I went and one of the mom said she was surprised to see me there. mmmm….. I guess I can still have a full time helper and make a decision of going regularly to see the girls. Or I can already cut that line of help, and have a part time helper to just clean, laundry, and meal prep. Hard decision to make.

Family Sunday. I had a fight with husband last week about how to spend Sundays. To me, Sundays should be family day, we we should be together even doing nothing. He wants to play golf with his friends who are only free on Sunday. There you go the fight. After the fight, I called two friends and realize this is a more common fight than I thought. It was great to zoom out from my own situation, pause, and decide how to compromise to a mutually agreeable solution.

Dedicated work reading day. I receive so many emails about new reports and articles that are not directly linked to my day to day work, but so interesting. I’d flag them to read later when I have free time, but never do. Now that I’ve decided to work in the office 3 times a week, Wed and Fri WFH, I think I’ll make Wednesday a dedicated work related reading for professional growth.

I had a hair cut this week and it is rather too short. I don’t like how it fits me but it’s convenient as I can wash my hair easily. It nnoys me that it doesn’t look good and I’m annoyed with myself for being annoyed for such a mundane thing as hair cut. I know in one month it will be in perfect length.

Debating with being relaxed vs. put together. When I see other women look so put together, I feel the pressure to also do the same. Even going to watch their kids soccer game, they have all their hair, makeup, casual outfit done with matching purse. I guess I am envy of looking that way when I usually just wear short and shirt without make up and a pony tail unless it’s a working day. Even on work days, if I don’t like a meeting, I put minimal effort. However, I feel more awake, confident when I do wear makeup as I am not 20 years old, so maybe I should spend 10 min everyday to look presentable all the time? mmmm…..

That’s enough for a Monday morning…. I’d better get going so my dream doesn’t actually happen.

5 thoughts on “Ideas I am contemplating

  1. I definitely lean towards the ‘relaxed’ but find that things like a necklace or a cute bag can make it just ‘together’ enough that I feel good. My weekend uniform is jeans or denim shorts and a t-shirt but the pieces themselves fit well / are good condition / etc. I bet you are more put together than you give yourself credit for 🙂

    In Miami Beach in particular it was not uncommon to see women in head to toe coordinating designer wear. But it usually did not look super comfortable. I’m not willing to invest in those kinds of outfits on the regular nor do I want my weekend casual wear to be the slightest bit uncomfortable!


  2. I agree. they don’t look comfortable in those outfit. I guess I’m trying to balance comfort with looking put together. I’ve never done accessories in my life due to laziness, maybe I should start 🙂


  3. Sorry you aren’t happy with your hair….but at least it will grow!!! I felt this way a bit too the last time I got mine cut. But it’s hard, because the alternative is sometimes paying a lot for a haircut, only to have it TOO long, too soon again….such a dilemma. 🙂

    I know what you mean about the very put together people. On the regular day to day, I am often in pretty casual clothes, almost always. Especially working from home! I just never really need to “dress up”. If I go to the kids’ sporting events, I still remain casual- for soccer in fall I would wear leggings and a sweatshirt probably. I would not go in a fancy outfit to a kids sporting event, I guess unless I were headed there right from work maybe…but since I don’t go to the office, that wouldn’t happen! I sometimes feel like other women are way more put together than I am too, with nails always done, etc… I just don’t have time for that. I feel like I usually look “nice” though- as in even a casual outfit will be pretty decent looking/ pretty good quality and condition, even if just a cute hoodie and leggings, or now in summer, a tank top with casual shorts, etc. I don’t go out usually in like, old PJs. haha. But I don’t stress too much usually about it- many days I don’t even shower until later in the afternoon!


  4. I also do not look very ‘pulled together’ most of the time. I am going to work with a wardrobe consultant this fall to upgrade my work wardrobe, though. With pregnancy/breastfeeding behind me, I know my size will be more consistent so I feel ready to invest in some new clothes. But outside of work, I am very casual, especially with our kids at such young ages. I place comfort above all else! But I don’t see other moms that look super ‘pulled together’ when we are out and about, so maybe it’s a cultural/geographical thing.


  5. I am definitely VERY casual. I do feel better when I have my hair and makeup done, but this is very minimal (10 minutes tops for both if my hair is already dry). Today I was having a really rough day, but forced myself to get dressed into something quasi-nice and do my hair and makeup. I didn’t completely turn my mood around, but it helped a bit and that made it worth while!


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