Shortened trip

I was debating to travel or not on Sunday because husband got sick on Saturday. Since I invited two other colleagues to join me for this trip, felt bad cancelling it. Husband was supportive for me to go. I tested negative on Sunday for covid, so I flied out Monday 5am. I arrived without fuss at noon at Ritz. Amazing hotel, spacious room and thoughtful details. I could stay there for my entire business trip if possible. 😀

Monday afternoon husband told me Lizzy got fever as well. Another kid down. Husband’s flu symptoms got even worse. He couldn’t sleep, he couldn’t eat… he was miserable. Yet, he told me not to worry, he can handle it.

I was super tired Monday as I got up at 3am. I slept 11 hrs and still felt needing more. I told my coach that I needed another day to recover so I didn’t run on Tuesday. I was afraid of getting sick so badly that I wanted to give my body as much rest as possible.

Tuesday was a good day of meetings but when husband called me, Lizzy was crying hard as she had 39.5C and having headache. Poor girl, she asked me to be with her. My heart ached so much not being to comfort her. Husband lost his voice and continued to be sleeping in 1-2 hrs chunk.. miserable to say the least, so he asked me if I could go back earlier than planned. I wanted to go back right away after seeing Lizzy in that condition, and husband in his worst flu for years. So I asked the team to move Thursday’s meetings to Wednesday so I could fly out Wednesday midnight instead of Friday morning, 30 hrs earlier than planned.

few hours later my wonderful team made the magic and packed our Wednesday with all remaining meetings.

I was not sick but worried of getting sick or covid, either option would be terrible.

Wednesday I woke up feeling better, more like myself, ready to run. But as I had to leave by 6:50am for our first meeting, I did 45 min jog on the treadmill. It felt good to be running again after 2 days of rest. Still not 100% of myself but better.

Wednesday was packed with meetings and I had to get tested for my evening flight. I swear, I felt all kinds of covid symptoms as I was walking to the testing center. On my way back, I thought all the options if I get positive, none of them sounded good. I tried to keep my self busy packing to check-out. When the result came, my hands were shaking. Luckily it was negative which allows me to fly back.

Highlight of this trip: the hotel room, the Indonesia food I had on my first day, thanks to my team that ordered an extra lunch box.

breakfasts at the hotel… I don’t think I enjoyed it at the time as I was stressed out the entire trip, but they were fresh and delicious

especially the toast with smoked salmon and poached egg

I also enjoyed hanging out with my new teams, super nice and fun bunch, and new “clients”. Excited for our move in October.

I arrived home Thursday 7am. Lizzy is fully recovered, husband semi, so close to getting over this bump.

What a rollercoaster … hopefully things calm down for a while.

One thought on “Shortened trip

  1. I hope you continue to stay healthy! My husband got hit with a stomach bug yesterday. He thought he could manage the kids so I could go to book club and then he threw up when I was heading out so I had to stay in. I was very very bummed as I really needed a night away. But he felt awful so I sent him to the basement. And then had a rough night of parenting – bad bedtime for the 4yo and then he was up at 5:20 asking for cereal. Bleh. Now I am just waiting for the virus to hit me!

    But I am glad you had a great trip! What an intense one though w/ early/late flights, meeting new people, etc. I’d love to hear more about what you do for work! You can be super vague but I think you work in finance and I don’t know a lot of women in finance and am always curious to hear what others do!


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