In transition

My last half day in Berlin was uneventful. I signed up for a walking tour but abandoned it right after it started. It was a huge group, I was tired, so I listened to my body and did what felt good. Instead of walking, I took a boat cruise.

Return flight was smooth. Arrived Tuesday night with a lot of traffic to welcome me. Girls waited for me at home so it was super nice to see them before they went to bed. They love all the gifts I brought back (legos, local sweets, stuff toy for Lizzy) and we cuddled for a long time before bed time.

I’m so happy to report that I had no jet lag this trip, not in Germany, nor upon return. πŸ˜€

Wednesday I worked in the morning, and went to school to pick up the girls. Lizzy did her homework while Sofia had her swim training. A parent approached me to say hi, telling me that Sofia is the second best swimmer in the team. Again, proud mama for seeing her improving so much in the last couple of months.

We had a farewell dinner organized by my colleague friends. It was a small group of people that I absolutely love spending time with. I will miss them so much!!! Sofia also had fun with her friend (daughter of host) and got a BFF necklace. We left their place past 10pm, tired, happy, sad.

This morning I felt like getting back to the road. I didn’t plan to run for a while, at least 1-2 weeks, but my body misses it, so again I listened and went out for 3 miles, with my finisher outfit! πŸ˜€ While jogging, another runner congratulated me. How wonderful!

Few more get together this week and then I go to Jakarta for a short work trip.

Routine will not resume until we settle in Jakarta. Time flies, <10 days for the DEPARTURE date.

Something funny happened last night. A colleague told me that a friend told him to have found my blog! πŸ˜† Everyone on the table said at the same time “YOU HAVE A BLOG???” They were all surprised. Fortunately no one asked me to share the address. I wouldn’t feel comfortable for them to read it. On this note, do your friends and families know about your blog? how do you feel about when someone finds out by accident?

4 thoughts on “In transition

  1. I’ve told a few family members and a few close friends about my blog, but don’t typically share the address with people I know only slightly! So it is a bit shocking when someone tells me they read such and such on my blog and I’m like: you read it?! Usually because someone else has pointed them to it.
    I never post anything I wouldn’t want anyone to read, but still…I like that only people that know me REALLY well in real life…or people who I’ve never met in real life…are the ones who primarily read it.


  2. That is awesome that you felt ready for another run so soon after the marathon! Good call to switch to a boat tour the day after the marathon, though.

    My first blog was a France blog that I used to keep family/friends updated when I was in France for around 3 weeks in 2008. A couple of people told me I should keep writing, so I started my blog when I got back from that trip. So lots of people IRL know I have a blog. I have no idea who reads it, but I’m always aware of the fact that I am not anonymous. Sometimes I wish I was! But most of my readers are people I haven’t met in person, although I did make very close friends in the early days and was in the wedding of 2 friends I made through blogging. I used to do annual running meet-ups with some women I met through blogging, but we haven’t done that since 2013 when people started families. We are thinking about re-starting our annual get togethers next fall, though! When I got married, I had 2 tables of guests that were blog friends and my sister mentioned my blog in her matron of honor speech. So anyone who didn’t know I had a blog does now. I found out that one of my husband’s good friends reads my blog so he will know what Phil is up to. Phil is NOT a sharer. he is very private so I am respectful of that and don’t overshare or share anything that would make him uncomfortable. But it’s tricky and my posts are different than they were in my single days when I didn’t have to consider another person’s need for privacy!


    1. Wooo!!! Blogger friends that you attend to their weddings! That’s great! I can totally see why you can be a real friend in life beyond blog World πŸ™‚


  3. The blog question….well, when I started my blog, I felt a little silly, like, who is going to read it?! So I did end up sharing it with some select people from real life, that I thought might be into this sort of thing or enjoy it. For a while I had a private Facebook group and I would share links to new posts there. Then I started to feel a little awkward, like… maybe they joined this group because I invited them, and now they hate it and don’t know how to get out without hurting my feelings? lol. So I ended up deleting the group- I figured by that point, anyone who was ACTUALLY interested would continue visiting my site, and if not, well, oh well. I sometimes worry a little bit about other real life people finding it, just because I’m never sure if it’s “weird” or “dorky” or maybe would just seem odd to some people. I obviously share a lot of personal thoughts here, a side of myself that acquaintances that know me from school, or soccer team or something might never really see. So it feels vulnerable, kind of, but yet, I try not to think about it. My immediate family reads my blog which again- overall totally fine, but it is sometimes in the back of my mind that certain people will be reading, and could potentially limit certain areas of discussion. It’s hard to be fully open and transparent- I often wonder about this, with bigger online personalities. It usually seems like their audience is NOT people they know, but I have wondered how they balance sharing more intimate details about their lives with having potential people they know in real life reading along. I’ve wondered about this with Sarah and her bigger, more popular blog and having a podcast, plus a very professional job with patients etc that could also easily find her. I guess you just have to decide to tune that all out and not worry about it, if you enjoy the blogging process! I try to keep some things private and I don’t blog using my full name/ last name, but I’m sure it would be easy enough to find it, if someone wanted to.


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