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  1. What is sign of ageing on me? I didn’t realize until I see these pics. First one taken last Wed, the second one taken 11 years ago. CHEEKS!!! I recently learned that a friend is doing botox regularly. I didn’t notice until she told me, which means it is well done. I wonder if eventually I’ll do it too. Never say never and zero judgement.

2. My trip to Jakarta this weekend is cancelled due to a visa complication. I’m not even stressed about it anymore, I’ve been through so many last minute “surprises”. The only thing that I needed to do during this trip other than work is to check our new condo before moving in next weekend. I asked a colleague to do it on my behalf so that’s taken care of. This way, i can enjoy my last week in Manila in peace and no rushed over.

3. Sofia’s visa is almost there, I will bring her passport for stamping it on Monday and should be ready by Friday. Soooooo close!!! Simiarly, Cookie’s import permit might be ready on Monday too, which means we might be able to take her with us instead of leaving her in a friend’s place and come later once the paper work is done.

4. I am having a delayed jet lag. I haven’t been sleeping well since I came back as we had dinner get together with friends most of the days. Yet, last night I went to sleep at my usual hour to wake up 2 hours later and stayed awake for 2 more hours. With husband snoring, getting back to sleep is so hard. When I went out to the living planning to sleep on the couch, I found Lizzy already occupying it. So I spent 2 hours going from bed to couch, to Sofia’s bed, and again. 😦

5. I had a long chat with my big boss and mentor yesterday. It was nice to hear that he’s having a hard time separating from me as well. hahahaha….I’m so fortunate to have bounded with him, benefitted from his mentorship and friendship. He is the first person to ask me about my marathon in details since I came back, and he’s not even a runner. This just shows you how wonderful he is.

6 thoughts on “5 thoughts

  1. I have terrible jetlag when I go many timezones east, but I discovered melatonin and I haven’t had jetlag ever since! About you comment on botox, I’m a never say never person too. When I saw my mother after 3 years, she looked younger than before. I of coursed asked her how this is possible, and she confessed she got fillers. Now her cheeks are round again. 🙂


  2. started Botox at 40. It’s been helpful I think! My derm is very popular in the area with all kinds of ‘maintenance’ procedures, and I trust her. I have more hesitation about fillers though.


    1. also, I get jet lagged with just a 2 hr or so time difference (well, usually exacerbated by going West AND staying out late). I need to learn some better jet lag coping mechanisms as I have a number of trips out West in the coming months!


  3. Jet lag is no fun! I really don’t enjoy the time zone shift thing, and I often wonder how people who have to travel overseas for work constantly manage that. YUCK. I’m excited for you guys and your big move!! That would feel really stressful to me, but you seem totally relaxed. And I don’t think you look that different now- I can see your cheeks were a bit more like “apples” in the younger pic 😉 but you definitely look great for 40 (41? I forget.) I wouldn’t be opposed to botox but I don’t know much about it, or even what exact cases it is best for, or even where they do it around here! Maybe eventually I’ll need to research that. lol!!


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