Building routines back

Slowly I feel we are settling down, despite not having all we need (bathroom mats, baking sets, more bowls and plates). On Monday I ventured out for a morning jog. I did 4.5 miles around the stadium, mostly shaded, with many other runners, and only 0.4 miles away from our condo. I felt so lucky to be living close to a runnable place in Jakarta (even pedestrian roads are nonexistent).

I am also loving our gym, I go there almost every day, started to focus back on strength work, planning to do 3 times a week with 3-4 runs, and 1-2 yoga/pilates. Our gym has two yoga rooms that I can book, again, so lucky.

girls had an art lesson on Monday with a teacher that came to us. They loved it, especially how positive is the teacher according to Sofia. I am glad to know they are having fun while I work at the office.

Sofia is really bonding with her new friend. She was invited to make macaroons with her in a korean place. Again, a blast and with lots of macaroons to share with the family.

We got Cookie’s back!!! That was a happy surprise because I thought it was 2 weeks quarantine but actually, it is one week now. So happy to have her back. She lost weight during that week out of stress, and seems to want more cuddle these days.

work has been hectic and I feel like falling behind every day, but I know that’s part of a normal process of getting into a new job, so I don’t feel too bad about it. I am determined to have lunch with different colleagues every day that I go to the office. It’s interesting to know their life stories over lunch.

My current plan is to go to the office Monday Tuesday and Thursday, and WFH on Wed and Fridays. This way I get a good combination of f2f meetings and focus reading/writing days.

I have started using my journal again to write down my to-do lists, schedule of the day, exercise, meals, and track my routines. It’s nice to get back to it.

3 thoughts on “Building routines back

  1. Rebuilding routines is so soothing for me but can take time. It sounds like you are off to a great start! The building you live in sounds amazing! You had asked what strength training workouts I am doing – I use the Beach body ap. I have done a couple of different programs and really like them. Right now I’m doing one (LIIFT4) that has 4 workouts/week but I am lucky to get 2 strength training workouts in with my schedule right now… but I will get through it eventually and soon it will be very cold here and I will run less and strength train more. I like that the program I’m doing combines cardio (usually HIIT style cardio) with strength training. So I still get my heart rate up. Prior to that I did something call Morning Meltdown which was 100 workouts! I got the idea to do that program from Kae. Every workout is different so it was a fun program to do but it took me 6 months since I don’t workout every day!


  2. Awww glad you are back together with Cookie!! And that’s so cute that Sofia made a great little friend already. The building you describe sounds very similar overall to what you had in Manila, with lots of amenities. I’ve never lived in a big city like that, so I’m not sure what normal life is like in places like that. That’s cool that you’re doing some strength training again! I know it’s not your favorite, but it really does have a lot of health benefits and is a good accompaniment to your running, especially if you’re sort of taking a bit of an “off season”, or dial back on the running a little bit after your marathon for a while.


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