Time to delegate & sick child

I kind of feel overwhelmed by the amount of work I have in my new role. Partly it is because I am new to the program, partly because the program is huge, and lastly because the team I am working with is not as proactive and disciplined as my previous team in Manila. This means I’ll have to do a lot of babysitting, which is time-consuming! I am trying to see it in a positive way, like a challenge to coach/mentor them to become more independent analysts, we will see how far I get.

Because of that, my hours in the office (8:30am-5:15pm) yesterday were packed, and I had barely time to check with the family. I used to plan dinner, letting my helper know what to prepare for dinner (which dishes specifically). Now I asked my husband to handle it with the helper, to prepare whatever is possible. I also told him that from now on, he’ll have to remind the girls of their after school activities as I won’t have the mental space or time to do that anymore. Hopefully, he raises up for the occasion.

Girls had their first tennis lesson yesterday and both loved it. It’s quite convenient to have the coach come to us and play just a few floors down. Another new activity to add to their list of sports.

This little girl had another day of high fever 😦 I’m speechless….

i think we need more comprehensive tests to know why she gets sick so often. This time she had fever, it went away, came back, went away, and came back again. This cannot be normal. I was relieved to know that when kids started to go back to school, there was a wave of revenge infection. But now this saga continues, and I am worried again. The fact that we are in a new city makes it even more complicated as I don’t know where to go, English speaking clinic that treats kids. Sigh….

3 thoughts on “Time to delegate & sick child

  1. That is a huge bummer that your daughter is sick again. I hope you can find a good pediatrician that can assuage your concerns. I was worried about our younger son and how often he was getting sick but his doctor told me she would only be concerned if he was older. But I’d think your daughter would have a pretty solid immune system? Although I have heard that the year is going to be bad for colds/flu/viruses because people are back to living more normal lives and our immune systems got a bit weak during the pandemic when we were so isolated. I noticed this last year even though our kids have been in daycare through the whole pandemic. So they were exposed to things during the pandemic but now parents are probably passing viruses around more than they were during the pandemic. I have always had a crappy immune system. Even when I was a child I would get sick more often and viruses would hit me harder. In my early 30s I found out I have rheumatoid arthritis but it was likely dormant in my body until around that time so I don’t know that any tests would have shown that I had the disease. But hopefully they can get to the bottom of why your daughter has been sick so often lately or at least make you feel better about it being normal!

    Hopefully things normalize a bit at work or you get your team to a better place in fairly short order. Transitions are really hard and the last person might not have been nearly as on top of things as you are. But hopefully all of the mentoring and such will start to make a difference quickly!


  2. Oh no, Coco. I’m so sorry that the issues with sickness continue. It can be so hard to get to the bottom of childhood viruses and I’ve found (with my kids at least) they can go through long phases of being sick almost constantly – right around the ages your girls are now! And my kids almost always get a fever with any illness. This seems to be getting better as they get older but unexplained fevers/rashes are so frustrating and scary as a parent.

    Hope everyone is feeling better – for the long haul – soon.

    Work responsibilities sound like a lot of pressure, too. It’s so much for you to manage in a new space. Praying things calm down and your husband is able to juggle the logistics on the home front so you feel more confident at work to just focus on the tasks at hand.



  3. Frustrating as I’m sure it is, I think it sounds pretty normal to have a transition period at work while you adjust to new people, new teams, etc. I hope you can settle in… the potentially having to “babysit” people sounds draining though.

    I also think it’s normal for kids to get sick often, BUT I would also be concerned/closely watching recurrent fevers, especially if not many other symptoms like cold symptoms, etc. Odds are everything is totally fine, but I think you’re smart to keep an eye on it and potentially pursue some medical care just to be sure. Get well soon Lizzy!


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