Seeing the sunshine

I am happy to report that Lizzy had a painless Sunday and is back at school this morning.

On Saturday she was still experiencing stomach pain every 2-3 hours, for 10-15 min, and diarrhea 6 times a day. Saturday evening, she woke up only once at 3am with some mild pain (I woke up 12am waiting for her to wake up but she actually was sleeping well), and Sunday she had zero pain and with energy back. YAY! I really hope that’s the end of this cycle of sickness.

Sofia had her second tennis lesson and she is doing so well. Already knows how to serve and hit. The coach seems very good with kids. She will have two lessons a week going forward.

Saturday afternoon I went to the furniture store to take a final look at the dining table that I like. I’ve been into 7 or 8 stores and still like the one from Ethicraft. The showroom was 1 hour away so I waited as last resort to go there. The table is handmade with teak wood from Indonesia. I also love the desk but seems too big for our condo. I was satisfied with the dining table after seeing it in person and placing the order. it will be delivered this weekend, although without chairs as I am still debating whether to get it from this store.

Sunday was a perfect sunny day. I started my morning with a 10km run following some runners that were doing a 10 km race starting 100 meters from our place. It was great to not have to think about the route but to follow other runners.

Sofia had soccer so Lizzy and I just hung out at home, reading, and listening to Taylor Swift’s new album. Then we went to the mall for lunch, Indonesia food because they had kids menu

I ordered this dish that came with chicken cooked with coconut broth and rice cakes. So so.

we all took a nap once we got home, then we went to the pool, a perfect way to end this “normal/no sick kids” day.

As I see the girls playing, laughing, and being kids, a deep sense of gratitude came to me. I hope they continue to grow happily and healthily.

A busy week ahead of me, hopefully i can get a handle of things without feeling as overwhelming as last week. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Seeing the sunshine

  1. The kids always look so happy and I’m thrilled to hear things are slowly settling into place – furniture for the new apartment, finding your way around the various amenities in your complex. Yay! Hope everyone is happy and healthy all week!!


  2. I’m glad Lizzy is feeling better!! What a relief! Your weekend sounded great! I bought the new Taylor Swift album, too. My older son LOVES TS so he was excited to listen to some new songs! I think he practically has the anti-hero song memorized!


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