Crappy day and genius breakfast

I woke up with headache and dry eyes and I didn’t run, so that marked the start of a crappy day for me. Yet, the sunrise was beautiful.

I went to office, almost wanted to go home right away. But since I had a lunch meeting, I stayed and actually felt better (or ignored my symptoms) after a while. I went home earlier than usual, and the headache came back. By 7:30pm, I was in bed with Lizzy. We medicated together with wave sounds, and she fell asleep. hahaha….

I find when I don’t feel well physically, I just need to go to sleep earlier. Usually, I wake up feeling better, even slightly.

Now into my genius breakfast idea. Not the breakfast itself but the process of preparing it. I am in a baked oatmeal kick recently. I tried baking a big batch and reheat it in the morning. But I prefer freshly baked one. As I was preparing the batter this Monday, I figured I could just prepare more the dry parts, store them in individual mason jars, and just add 00liquid in the morning, mix it and bake. What a genius idea! That way I get to have freshly baked goodie, and minimal preparation. Why I didn’t think about it earlier???

Do you get into a food kick too? what’s your recent breakfast staples?

5 thoughts on “Crappy day and genius breakfast

  1. I love to eat the same foods over and over.
    I’m really enjoying adding a dollop of homemade tuna salad to small sheets of nori. Such a tasty lunch that I have multiple times a week.
    We also LOVE baked oatmeal; I also prefer it fresh, but tend to make a big batch that lasts for one meal + we reheat it individually a second time.


  2. I don’t think I have ever had baked oatmeal! I like oatmeal okay, but I tend to stay away from it sometimes because it’s so many carbs and I just prefer to eat my carbs from other things I like better. When I worked in office I used to sometimes make overnight oats in mason jars, where you mix the oats with like peanut butter, some yogurt or milk and fruit and let it sit overnight and then I would eat it cold! I did like the convenience. I think I don’t make regular oatmeal quite right because it just never seems that great. Ha. How exactly do you make yours? I’ll have to investigate my oatmeal recipe a bit better.


    1. My oat bake is not as carb heavy as it makes me feel lethargic. I use 1/4 cup rolled oat, 2TB coco nut flour, 2TB almond flour, 2T flax meal and 1 scoop of protein powder. Add enough liquid, almond milk or water, to a thick batter consistency. Bake for 20-30 min.


  3. Oh how coincidental, I’ve been very into baked oatmeal too! I mix my oats with protein powder, flax and chia. I will try it with coconut and almond flours and see how that tastes. I’ve been using the baked oats recipes from Healthy Girl Kitchen, and I just reduce the oats and no include sugar.


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