High fives

  1. I joined hubby to his training on Friday after my morning work call. I loved every minute of it. He’s enjoying 3 times a week training with the trainer too and getting stronger.

2. Our electric stove is finally fixed! I had to pay most of it but at least it is fixed now.

3. My Argentina trip is confirmed. Not excited about 35 hrs journey but excited to be back “home” for few days, 2 full days to be exact.

4. I found a good reading spot at Sofia’s library. I used to sit on the uncomfortable bench when waiting for Sofia’s swim. Then I asked if I could wait her in the library. Of course!!! The library has many sitting areas and AC. What a brilliant idea. I sit there for 1.5 hrs before they closed.

5. I had a chat with Sofia’s swim mate’s mom, a very nice Korean lady. Chinese in general don’t get along with Japanese or Koreans. I am glad that I can remove that layer and focus on the person in front of me. We are all just people. She invited Sofia for playdate on Saturday, after chatting with her I’m even more excited for Sofia.

Bonus: I am sleeping so well these days! Sofia told me she’s enjoying her sleep a lot lately too. She no longer sees sleep as waste of time. She now cherishes it. 🙂

One thought on “High fives

  1. Oof 35 hours of travel is so much and then to only spend 2 days there!! Yikes!! But I am glad you get to return to Argentina!

    Your comment about the relationships between Chinese, Japanese and Korean made me think of the book, Pachinko. It’s about how Koreans in Japan are treated, even those who have lived there for multiple generations.


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