Weekend recap: movies

Saturday started with a social jog with a colleague of mine and Lizzy. It was funny to see a 6 years old jogging with a 34 years old, about the same pace and fitness level. After 30 min of jog/walk, we went for breakfast. to be honest, I felt it was too much talk to start my morning, so probably will not do it in a regular basis. My social energy seems to be higher later of the day.

Home relax, and it was time for Lizzy to go to golf lesson, and then I dropped Sofia at her swim practice. I came home as she was going for a playdate after the swim practice. I spent the afternoon watching The Red Point of Marriage, an Indonesia movie. It was interesting to me to learn how Indonesia family lives and their values, otherwise it’s a quite standard plot of marriage movies. Lizzy joined me part of the movie. Then I went to pick up Sofia, ending our evening with simple dinner and Gilmore girls.

Sunday started with 10 miles run solo as Sofia had tennis lesson 7-8am. It was warmer than last Sunday so even shorter run felt harder. After a quick shower and a banana, I took the girls and my mom to explore the market, getting food for lunch and snack for the family.

They couldn’t wait to try the sweet, a rice snack filled with banana and chocolate sprinkle.

Passing through the mall with some funny status.

I watched another movie after lunch, No Limit. It was quite good, not the popular Hollywood kind but the shot of the ocean is really beautiful and calming. A sad movie overall but I enjoyed it a lot.

Girls had climbing 3-5pm. I took them there and went to buy dinner food, a roasted chicken as I was just lazy to cook anything elaborate. I paired it with some vegetables. Quick and easy is our weekend meal strategy. 🙂

After dinner, we watched a movie together, True Spirit. Very good movie to watch with the girls. They felt inspired. I asked Sofia whether the girl’s parents did the right thing to let her go sailing around the world alone. I was glad to hear her answer: not a good idea. 🙂

I hugged the girls longer and stronger before bed as I won’t be with them for a week. I can’t shake off the sad feeling for leaving them even though I’m not going for work nor holidays, but to do what needs to be done. I need them as much as they need me.

7 thoughts on “Weekend recap: movies

  1. Be safe in Argentina! My old friend who I just saw over Christmas break (she was born and raised in Buenos Aires, and has lived there her whole life, still lives there today) said that there have been huge increases in problems and crime recently in Buenos Aires. Her husband recently died and she said she is often very nervous going out alone with her 2 girls, driving places alone, etc. as she said it’s so common for people to be mugged or be robbed of their cars, etc. Just have to be really careful she said. She’s a professional translator and works in professional settings but still said it’s just been so bad, nothing like when she was growing up there… very sad. She is actively trying to figure out a way to move her and her girls out of Argentina but it’s not always that simple unless she can get a work visa in the U.S. or something, but they don’t give those away so easily either.


      1. She is Argentinian. Her dad (also Argentinian) won a visa lottery many years ago so he lives in the U.S. now. Her parents are divorced, and she came to stay with him in u.s. when she was around 17 for a year. I met her at the Mexican restaurant I worked at in college- she worked there for a few months too and we’ve stayed in touch all these years. She had the opportunity to get her U.S. residency through her dad back then, since she was <18 at the time, but at the time she just wanted to go home to Argentina to her friends and boyfriend, so she gave up her U.S. residency status… and now she kicks herself and wishes she hadn’t! Her dad is trying to petition for her and her daughters now again but they’ve said the process may take many, many years. So she is stuck in Argentina until further notice, although she would really like to leave Argentina now she says due to all the changes/crime/etc. She’s 35 so obviously not a minor anymore which makes the immigration process take much longer.


      2. I’m sure you’ll be fine! I am sure it’s like anything- there are some issues, but overall it’s okay. Same in Mexico- there can be definitely be problems, but usually we always feel safe, though we are cautious and just remain aware of our surroundings. She had just commented about being extra cautious as a woman out alone- especially since her husband recently died last year! (So young.. so sad.) So she is out alone with her girls a lot and just said she tries to be more aware and careful.


  2. Safe travels! I hope that the time away goes ok, especially after reading Kae’s comment above! 😦 It’s hard to be away from your kids. I have short trips the next 2 weeks and Phil travels this week so we have a weird month of February!

    You have watched some really good movies! I rarely watch movies but I imagine we will when the boys are older. Paul really loves watching movies but Will does not have the attention span and likely won’t for another 2 years. But someday we will do family movie nights!


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