35 hrs journey to my beloved Buenos Aires

What an epic journey, 35 hours, 4 fights, 3 stopovers (kuala lumpur, Amsterdam, Paris), 6 movies, tons of white carbs, and I arrived in one exhausted piece.

I stayed in an airbnb in my favorite neighborhood of buenos aires Recoleta, got there at 11pm. I was so tired and dizzy, I went to sleep right away. It took me a while to fall asleep as I was over tired. Eventually I slept to wake up only few hours later (3am). I was still exhausted so I stayed in bed and eventually slept a bit more. 6am I was up, and with a headache.

I had a scheduled run, fartlek with 8 sets of 30 sec at 6:50 min/mile. I wasn’t sure I could do it. As soon as I started warming up, my mood lifted up. Buenos Aires is SOOO beautiful!!! It’s like Paris but a more liveable way. I loved passing through so many cafes, bread stores, fruits shops, and early morning building guys doing the cleaning.

So many memories of my childhood came back. I still know the street names by heart even though I haven’t lived here for 15 years, and haven’t visited for almost 5 years. Some stores that I know are still there but many new ones opened.

It was a gorgeous day. It was warm by argentina’s standard but totally fine with me. I’m so used to the 30s now.

I love the old buildings

I would love to come with my family and stay for a month or so they can live what I lived and appreciate what I love about Buenos Aires

some corners look exactly the same as 20 years ago, like the Hotel Alvear.

after my run and shower, I went to have one of the traditional breakfast: toast with cream cheese and jam, cafe with milk, and newspaper. A winning combo to start the day!!! I love love love it! I used to do that EVERY sunday.

then I did what I came to do in Buenos Aires, pick up the documents and my dad’s ashes. The rest of the day was spent shopping. By 6pm, I could no longer walk straight, so sleepy. Dinner starts 8pm in Buenos Aires, obviously too late for my jet lag body, so I got some cooked food from a nearby store and came back to my airbnb.

Buenos Aires is such an incredible city… the more I think about what I love about it, the more I want to retire here. The only concern is being too far from the rest of the world, husband hasn’t agreed to it, not close families here, otherwise it’s a perfect retirement city, especially if my BFF decides to retire here too.

tomorrow will be a social day, meeting old friends 😀

6 thoughts on “35 hrs journey to my beloved Buenos Aires

  1. “Tons of white carbs”… hahaha! Yep, that tends to go well with travel, doesn’t it! 😉

    Looks like a fun getaway (albeit under not the best circumstances- your dad’s ashes), but I love that you’re making the best of it. I would love to visit Buenos Aires one day- it’s always intrigued me ever since my very first Spanish teacher was from there. She shared a lot about it and since she spoke NO English, I credit her with really helping my Spanish language skills to take off. Also, I have that friend who lives there, AND Ivan’s cousin, wife and their 3 kids just moved there 3 months ago or so. They are Mexican but the wife is a consul at the Mexican consulate. They’ve lived in Brazil, the U.S. and now she has been stationed at the Mexican consulate in Buenos Aires. So if we wanted to go visit, we’d also have several people to visit!! Would be perfect. Maybe we’ll try to go before they move on again to a new location in a few years potentially.


  2. Wow- that was a long journey for you! I’ve never been to BA but you make it sound very appealing. I love the detailed description of your breakfast- it sounds yummy. It also sounds like the reason for this trip wasn’t entirely happy. But I hope you have fun meeting with your friends!


  3. Seeing you with the Spanish-language newspaper I just realized you must speak a million languages! Give us the full list 🙂 I’m so jealous! We have many people from Argentina here, our across the street neighbors moved from there last year and one of my favorite collages plus one of the drs in my husband’s vascular group.


    1. Hahaha… I speak Spanish chinese and English fluently, learned french for many years but don’t speak anymore. Visit Buenos Aires! It’s amazing.


  4. I am glad you made it safely and are enjoying your time there. It’s a sad reason to return there but you are making the most of it. It does look like a very charming city and reminds me of Paris. Paris is my absolutely favorite city in the world and the place outside of the US that I have visited the most. This looks like a great place for us to explore some day, maybe when we are retired and can take long trips to other countries.


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