5 on Friday from DC

  1. 30 hrs door to door travel: I didn’t realize how long it takes to travel from Jakarta to DC, about 10 hours longer than from Manila to DC. Emirates is super nice: large selection of movies, abundant good airplane food, pretty flight attendant. Yet, it’s still not fun to fly for 24 hrs.
  2. Jet lag has started. I arrived Wednesday 9am, got to hotel 11am. Had 3 meetings from 1-6pm, almost allucinating by the end of it. The first night I slept 10 hours solid. Then Thursday night I woke up 12am and didn’t go back to sleep until 2:30am. I finished reading a cookbook, ate plenty of carby snacks, checked on the family, took melatonin, trying not to curse the jet lag.
  3. A mix of work and personal meetings. I had 6 meetings on Thursday. The highlight was meeting with an old friend from grad school and lunch with my grad school advisor who’s an avid runner and did a half ironman under 6 hours at age 58. The other meetings were work related. I didn’t want to talk to anyone else by 6pm, seriously. It reminded me of Lisa who has that many meetings in a daily basis. How does she do it?
  4. What’s going on with Trader Joe’s? Do I notice that stock is low and variety has reduced??? I went there twice in my two days stay because I couldn’t believe what I saw. Is it the result of inflation or logistic bottlenecks? anyone noticed?
  5. Not contacting many old “friends”. Given how short this trip is (10 days), I’ve decided not to meet with “friends” that I used to hang out as my weekend is already packed with to-do list (shopping at Georgetown, 10km race on Sunday, and potentially lunch at one of my oldest grad school friends). I could probably fit few more meet ups, but I can anticipate the emptiness that I may feel afterwards, trying to connect with people that I no longer connect. Instead, I should honor my tired body and rest when possible.

6 thoughts on “5 on Friday from DC

  1. That’s a long time to be in a plane, regardless of how comfortable it is. I admire you for jumping into your meetings too quickly. I wonder about Trader Joe’s too. In ours there are fewer selections, but lots of stock. Something seems out of wack.


  2. That’s a long way away from home… 30 hours! Oh my. I usually travel around 15-20 hrs when I go to Europe and that’s enough!

    Hope you have a great stay in DC (it’s probably pretty humid there right now, right?)


  3. I can’t imagine flying for that long!!! Yuck!!! I really do not really love flying in general. I sometimes just feel a little queasy or kind of yucky, so that sounds pretty horrible. I guess there is no way around it if you need to travel far, however. The jet lag also sounds very not fun. Enjoy your time in DC.


  4. Ack! A 24 hour flight??? Yes, I’ll bet the jetlag is challenging. About Trader Joes… I think ours is fully stocked? I haven’t been there in a couple weeks, but last time I was there it seemed normal. I’ll probably go this week and report back!


  5. Ugh that is a looooong flight. My longest flight has been to Australia when I studied abroad but it was broken up a bit with a stop in Fiji. So the longest stretch was 14 hours from LAX to Fiji. It is a brutal time change, too! I think it was 14 hours difference for me if I remember correctly but that was 21 years ago now!

    You had a full day of meetings! It is very exhausting, even when some of them were reconnecting with friends/colleagues. Things have slowed down a bit for me but I still often have 5+ meetings in a day. We had trained another colleague in to help with calls but he resigned and went to another company so we are really understaffed right now. 😦


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