Fun weekend: carnival, golf, new toy

We had a packed and fun Saturday, doing non ordinary things together. We start with swimming for the girls to get the good after workout mood for the day 🙂 They both had a good swim and play

then we all went to Lizzy’s golf lesson. It was my first time going there, and I was blowed away by how nice it is. I loved the vibe so much that I encouraged Sofia to get back to golf, to take junior lessons, so I get extra motivated to come to accompany them, and practice myself. Then we can play together as a family. It didn’t take me too long nor hard to convince her, so she’s starting next weekend! 😆 I am not excited about the heat nor even golf, but I’m excited to be in that vibe/environment.

we hided in a golf cart to avoid the sun hitting our face

then we went to school carnival. It had many games and sales of used/new things that are fun to browsed around. Girls got used books, I got some cute mason jar and the stuff toy below.

the most fun game as riding the bull. Sofia did very well, did not fall in her first attempt, but came down saying that was the most traumatizing experience hahaha

We had lunch at the carnival, and came back home 2pm. Then I went for my dental cleaning (no cavities, yay!), and Korean facial. Even with two sessions, I can see results! So exciting!!!

Sunday started with a beautiful sunrise. Sofia had swim games at 7am. I asked daddy to take her with Lizzy so I can run and prep for Monday’s dinner (a celebration for two team members).

I had a great 8 miles run with 4 surges starting at mile 6.

the highlight of Sunday run is always the street food I get afterwards. I always get the same gado gado salad, I added more veggies. YUM~ without stomach acid issue, I can handle some spicy food.

the rest of Sunday was spent groceries, planning the dinner menu, and prepped 4 dishes out of the 8. I was quite tired after I was done. Then we watched The Mother which was entertaining.

The girls played piano while I played with my new toy. Love how chill he is. I am surprised how much joy this little toy brings me.

I love the variety of activities we did while still plenty of time to rest, relax, and do our usual things.

6 thoughts on “Fun weekend: carnival, golf, new toy

  1. Lots of activity and lots of variety!! You bought yourself a stuffed animal? haha… cute. I just heard something somewhere about adults + sleeping with toys/stuffed animals and the “surprising benefits” of it. But I didn’t hear the whole thing, so I guess I don’t know what that was all about. lol. Maybe just a feeling of security from snuggling up with something soft and cozy?


  2. That is fun that your girls are learning to golf. It would be a nice family activity to do. I hope that my boys take up golf – then I can stay back and have the house to myself while they golf! Ha! I have tried to learn to golf but I just don’t have the patience or the time to put into the sport. My husband is a very good golfer, though. But he grew up playing with his dad. He probably has a 8-10 handicap so pretty good for someone who does it for fun. My husband’s best friend is a golf pro and has a son around Paul’s age so Phil and Paul are planning to go over there this summer to use his golf simulator/get some tips/direction for Paul. Phil has tried giving Paul direction but he doesn’t want to listen to daddy!


  3. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Your posts remind me of the value of the following things I need to do more often for myself: workouts, spa visits (facials and massages), and better eating. Keep the updates coming! I love the picture of the skyline- that’s Jakarta, yes?


    1. i had few episodes, mostly triggered by stress. once it’s under control, i’m fine. when it happens, i need to remove all triggers for few days and i’m fine. finger crossed it doesn’t come back soon.


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