5 on Friday: unfiltered selfies

I don’t have skills to take selfies, I don’t enjoy recording my aging/changing face. But I know it doesn’t matter and I am grateful for my strong body. So I took many on this Friday morning.

5:30am heading out for my Friday steady+fartlek run as I have 7am call and need to pack girls’s lunch. Still a bit sleepy but glad that sun came out already.

got home, prepped girls lunch boxes.

8am after the work call for core, hip, and mobility workout

breakfast (trying to do more savory combos): egg scrambled with tofu, sweet potato, frozen mixed veggies and tahini sauce. YUM~~~

Relaxing a bit between emails… having some dark chocolate and blog reading

more work, and baked a banana cake for the family. Still zero make up, zero filter.

then dressed up for the office at 11:30am as I had an important meeting at 2pm.

I hope the more I practice something scary (selfies), the better I am at it, and less scary it becomes.

My Friday ended up 90 min massage 7-8:30pm that sent me right to my sweet dream! 😆

Q: Do you take selfies often? If not, why?

5 thoughts on “5 on Friday: unfiltered selfies

  1. I feel like we need more unfiltered selfies! To see real life. I never take selfies, with or without makeup. I usually don’t like how I come out in photos and don’t want to be part of the “selfie” crowd lol But I love your post and want to do a similar one! I also admire how much you do for yourself: a run, a workout, and a massage-all in ONE day. I aspire to do that.


  2. Loved this post (and had to smile when I caught a picture of ME in one of your selfies – ha). What a great day – that massage in particular sounds AMAZING!


  3. A lot of my pictures with the kids are selfies and I am rarely wearing make-up. I wear very little make up even when going into the office, though. I don’t love my freckly skin but I can’t change it so have to embrace it! I wish my undereye circles were less pronounced, but I don’t know what to do about that and haven’t been motivated to research a better solution! So for now I am just embracing the tired mom look! You have amazing skin, though!!!


  4. Haha, this post made me smile- you’re brave to post unfiltered selfies online!! I mean, you look totally fine in them, but still. I think I would hesitate!!! I mostly just take selfies sometimes if I want to capture where I am, but I’m alone… like if I’m on a walk and it’s nice out and I just want to capture that moment in time with ME + the place. Or sometimes on vacation I will take a few random selfies, in part to update my blog posts or again, just to document what I’m doing/ where I am. But I often think my selfies do not turn out very good and I generally don’t like how I look in them really. Haha.


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