Life and favorites week 2

Last week was first work/school week and I got semi-depressed on the first day. Why??? I came back from the trip so hopeful for the new year and decade. But once got back to reality of work and so many changes going on, I got a bit down. Luckily, I managed to recover by the weekend and ended up in a high note. 


This week girls had lunch at their new favorite restaurant Yayoi twice. Sofia loves their salmon sushi roll and can finish the full serving by herself

Girls started school and so happy to be with their friends again

A new hobbie/tradition started at home. Sofia will often grab her favorite new book Dog Man and reads for a long time, even when her friend comes to visit. So I just ordered the entire series in amazon. 🙂 Love seeing her becoming an avid reading too.

Got a set of fun Christmas gift from a client.

Had two massages this week, Friday and Saturday because I absolutely love it!!!  

I ran 40 miles this week because running helps to de-stress and clear my mind, very much needed this time.

Had two golf lessons and killing it… hahahah….

Tony and I finished our weekend with a at-home-movie, about Love. It was a weird but reflective story, perfect for couples who are sure to be in love.

Then we got a Volcano erupting…. oh my God! Looks scary. Everything is closed, school, office, some stores. We are advised to stay home to avoid inhale to the ashes. I couldn’t sleep well last night once I saw it on the news and even 50 km away from the volcano, ashes everywhere.  

Hopefully the worse is over already and things get back to normal soon.


What is like having kids.

Good financial to-do list to follow throughout the year.

I really want to learn/start to meditate

Not surprised by how much healthy lifestyle can extend life span.

I am a true believer on the power of our mindset and attitude.

A fun and serious read about marriage.

How a 7 years old can manage our finances.

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