Day 89: the day that I fell asleep at 7pm

Another super productive day, hosted two intense focus group  discussion with business elites int he country to learn how they are dealing with the re-opening of the economy, and what would they like the Gov to do to support them. Their answers were quite surprising but super insightful. The downside of that is it left me exhausted. After dinner, I lie on the coach to try to read some with the girls, then my eyes just closed for a bit and didn’t open until an hour later and told the family, I NEED to sleep. Oh well…. i think accumulated exhaustion finally caught on me, and I listened and obeyed.

Yesterday I asked about comfort breakfast food so I though I who you mine. A big bowl of warm goodiness. I usually batch cook the base for a week or so, consists of equal part of quinoa and oatmeal, added vegan protein powder, chia seed, cacao powder. Then on the day, I add the fixing I crave. This time I added shredded zucchini, frozen strawberries and almond butter. I’m 10% happier after eating this. 🙂

During my calls, I prepared a quick lunch. Only had to make green beans, sautéed romaine lettuce and korean tofu since we still had chicken curry and sweet potato

Fullsizeoutput 12b9e

I was craving a avocado nori wrap, so I had 4 of these. YUM YUM!

Fullsizeoutput 12b9b

I read Sarah’s post about planning for a non-work day to-do list. I think I need to do that too for this weekend! it has been too long that I take a break from work completely! I wish I could take a break from my girls like Kae too. hahahaha… and stop hallucinating being called mom for few days.

Q: Do you plan your meals? on the day or before hand? 

I don’t plan in advance. Sometimes I think about it when I run in the morning about one thing that I’d like to have, then I try to make it if I have time that day, and have few more vegetable dishes. I think that’s one advantage of WFH.

One thought on “Day 89: the day that I fell asleep at 7pm

  1. I’ve been trying really hard to be better about meal planning in advance. I used to do it all the time when the boys were little, but over the last few years I’ve really gotten out of the habit. I never really plan lunches ahead of time but our bigger meal is usually dinner when my husband is home in the evening. Having a plan written down for the week is so helpful since it allows me to start prepping it during a break, for example, during the day if I have a few minutes. No cooking here today though- since the boys are gone, we are just going to eat up a bunch of leftovers!! Glad you got some rest…that happens to me sometimes too, where I am just DONE and need to sleep!


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