Day 91: new toys!

No feedback from the management on my inquiry about alternative work arrangement given potential full semester of home schooling. Well… it wasn’t an easy question to answer but I’d appreciate some acknolewdgement at least. Hopefully I get it soon.

We had a good saturday!I bought some workbook for Lizzy, peer pressure is real. But I think it’s good for her to get used to some focus time, regardless of what she does. I value focus time a lot, for my work, for my older daughter, so why not start with Lizzy too. I was expecting some push back from her as homework=boring. But it was totally the opposite, she loved it! I guess it’s because she sees her sister doing it all the time so maybe doing it means she’s now entering the big kid club? She was so engaged that she almost finished one workbook and asked me to buy more when she finishes them all (3!).
IMG 5386
very focused! I was a proud and happy mama! 😀

after lunch I went to decathlon, the goal was to buy a real bicycle for Sofia (two wheels) but then I saw rollers and asked them if they wanted it too, obviously a big YES! So I got them all rollers and its protective equipment. They were soooo happy and excited to try it on! Only within few hours Sofia can manage move around the living room without falling much.


Lizzy still needs a lot of help but she’s so happy to fall and try again.


Sunday plan:

  • 8-10 miles run with a colleague
  • Trying out bicycle with Sofia
  • NO WORK!
  • Take a nap.
  • Finish Normal People
  • Bake bread.

One thought on “Day 91: new toys!

  1. Oh my goodness what a busy sunday you have planned. Hope you can accomplish it all. I have been trying to set Sunday’s aside for rest and relaxation but I tend to sleep in a bit too much and then I don’t get all the pre-week work prep done. Gaah! The conundrum. Let us know how your run, bike, and baking sessions go! 🙂


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