Day 94: office politics

I am having a low moment at work as I found out a team member went behind my back to do something that’s definitely not part of team culture I seek in the organization. It was not the first time but I am overall hopeful and trust goodness in people. So after a year of rebuilding trust, I didn’t expect he’d do such a thing. So I am very frustrated and disappointed. In such a situation, only my manager can give clearer guidance on how to proceed. I asked for guidance but didn’t get the clarify as of now.

I know that office politics, personality crushes are part of the job, but when it happens, it sucked up so much of my energy that I could make better use of it. I can deal with work load but I can’t deal with nonsense.

Gonna keep this post short, need to prepare for another TV interview tomorrow Hopefully tomorrow’s post is more positive. 🙂

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